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Sard Wonder Laundry Soap

Latest review: It is good for clean heavy dirty spots before you use washing machine. Or you can wash your delicate clothes with it. I don’t use often for normal clothes. But I often use for my cleaning goods makes

Sard Wonder Stick

Latest review: I thought I would try the Sard wonder stick for the underarm area of my T-shirts. Even after soaking and scrubbing with another Sard product and after several washes,the fabric is stained blue and

Sard Wonder Super Power

Latest review: Works great. Better than ehitebking and di san. Had a white towel that had some yellow stains on it soaked iver night now can not tell which towel had the marks. Great for removing oil as well the

Aldi Trimat Advanced

Latest review: Terrible, left residue in the drawer, used the sensitive one, and threw it in the bin, had bought another box of regular, which i used in my old Frontloader.... Lets see if this works in the new

Sard Wonder Power Stain Remover

Latest review: Could not get the new nozzle on the 2 in1 Foam spray to work at all. No idea how the off button is meant to work. Ended up pouring contents into old spray bottle. Suggest that a group of actual

Sard Wonder Sublime White

Latest review: Product almost ruined my $1200 washing machine. Using them for just a couple of weeks and they clogged my machine to the point of it almost burning out the

Sard Wonder Super Power Stain Remover Spray

Latest review: I used Sard ‘citrus’ laundry spray on my clothes over the washing machine and it has lifted the paint from the underside of my lid and top section of dru