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Sard Wonder Stick

Latest review: Its wonderful. Was able to get blood out of while cotton pants and coffee stains that had been sitting there for 3 days!!! I've re bought this for years

EcoStore Laundry Liquid

Latest review: I have chemical sensitivity and this product is great, it probably does not clean stains as well other top brands, but they are full of harmful chemicals. As I use non-toxic roll on deodorant and my

Natures Organics Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Latest review: I am horrified to think that this is being used for babies clothes! My partner (who doesn’t usually have sensitive skin) has broken out in severely red and itchy hives all over his body after I d

Rubbedin Washing Machine Magic

Latest review: I know it's time to use this when my washing machine's lint filter stops collecting lint. Once I use this, the lint filter collects big lint loads again, rather than lint remaining on my

LaundRite (Aldi) Powder

Latest review: I use half of the recommended amount of this detergent, in my daily wash. I can safely say that my clothes look fantastic, true stains may not be removed, but most stains need some form of

Earth Choice 2x Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder

Latest review: I use Earth Choice powder & liquid in a front load machine, the results are always excellent on light cotton clothes to heavy work clothes. When I buy the powder, I transfer it to a snap lock lid


Latest review: I wont be buying another bottle of this Dynamo. After a wash u can still smell the clothes are not clean. I use radiant powder but then I add Dynamo as a softener .. Not happy with

Dylon SOS Colour Run

Latest review: This product does not work, makes it worse. Followed instructions to the letter and when the first sachet didn't work, tried again with the second but to no avail. Fail, Fail,Fail. There used to be

Cold Power Sensitive Liquid With Almond Milk

Latest review: I purchased this detergent as I wanted something less harsh for my family's clothes - we don't particularly have any sensitivities though. I really liked the scent of this detergent, fresh and

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action

Latest review: I used this several years ago and it worked quite well. I recently purchased a new container of it and it seemed pointless adding it to the wash. I typically add a small amount of another brand and

Cold Power Liquid

Latest review: I’ve been using cold power sensitive for years and noticed that it now has a new formula. The main reason I liked the old version was the smell and now there’s no reason to keep buying it. Dis

Dr Beckmann Stain Devils

Latest review: Very efficient! I have been trying to remove a large stain of blue pen ink that leaked into the bath tub. I tried with vinegar (left overnight) and diverse chemical products. Nothing worked! I used a

Miele Fabric Softener

Latest review: I have just done a load of washing in my new Miele machine. I have had it for a fortnight but I only purchased the Miele washing powder and conditioner this week. I think I have now been converted to

Vanish Gold for Whites Powder

Latest review: My white cotton business shirts often lose their whiteness after a period of time and need to be made white again. Vanish Gold For Whites brings them up like new every time, bright white and in less

Euca Laundry Liquid

Latest review: Fantastic all round. Especially effective for sweaty, smelly teenage boys sports clothes. We buy the 10L containers. We also use the Euca Soft Wash and the Euca Fabo Fabric conditioner. Wish they

Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean

Latest review: I've been using this product for over 2 years now and love it! Fantastic value for money and have used it in both front and top loaders. Perfect results every time one very happy

Tri Nature Alpha Plus Laundry Liquid

Latest review: I HAVE BEEN USING TRI.NATURE alpha plus for 3 years ,you can buy it in liquid or powder form ,it is very economical and cleans well ,I have used it in my old top loader ,and for the past year ,a

Vanish Preen Ultra Degreaser Trigger

Latest review: Great stain remover, happy to pay the extra to know all the grime is going to come out... the only one I will use Works very very

Homebrand Prewash Stain Remover Trigger

Latest review: Ive used many different types of pre wash stain removers since having a 2 year old and 1 year old and this is just as good as the more expensive types. Ive even found it to lift blood stains without

OzKleen Laundry Power

Latest review: I'm not usually a fan of liquid laundry detergent but I love this product. It smells really nice & as far as I can see cleans as well as anything else I've

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