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Brunnings Feed n Weed

Latest review: Followed instructions to the tee,but after several attempts no chemical coming through nozzle.in this age of Costco utting,one should grab a bargain when they can,but in this case it's probably worth

Brunnings White Oil Aerosol

Latest review: It is a good product to fight insects on fruit trees and vegetables. It does not leave unwanted chemicals on fruits and

Brunnings Green Up Lawn Food

Latest review: I live in one of the driest parts of Australia, The Pilbara. I use this once a month. Awesome results, thick lawn, rapid growth. All my neighbours ask my secret and I share it. Use it it works. I

Brunnings Orchid Coir Potting Mix Block

Latest review: I have used this product for several years and have had nothing but beautiful orchids time after time. I did have an bit of an issue as this product had been removed from the market (or so I

Brunnings All Purpose Fertiliser

Latest review: Good fertizler great for all gardens and good for everything. So good you can get a big bucket of it from Bunnings or big w. It’s great for fruit trees and shrubs as well as pot plants it’s very ver

Brunnings Garden Soil

Latest review: The Mower is very light weight only suitable for top level light grass good for $70 Grass Weed Trimmer. There are two major issues: 1. The socket wrench supplied is smaller than the Nut it supposed

Brunnings Path Weeder

Latest review: I have used this product for years. I have used both the ready mix and the concentrate and I have been more than happy with it. I use it to do my paddock fence lines. I find it works well. I

Brunnings Lawn Beetle / Grub Destroyer

Latest review: Nowhere on bottle does it state not suitable for ''sir walter buffalo grass'' Sent email requesting info, ignored by this company. Rang request info - got recorded useless message. Stay away from

Brunnings Weed Kill for Lawns

Latest review: Half paddock sprayed with roundup - weeds dead Half paddock sprayed with Brunnings - weeds thriving I purchased because it was cheap however you assume the main ingredients are comparable. I

Brunnings Tomato and Vegetable Growing Mix

Latest review: This product is doing wonders for my veggies! I’ve found this mix works really well when combined with mushroom compost and must be wet down well and then left for a week or so! Then turn the soil a

Brunnings 1hr Weed Kill

Latest review: Used this spray on Friday & it's now Sunday & I can't see any difference with my weeds. Only picked this product because it said 1 hr. action. As i'm a pensioner I choose carefully, but not this time

Brunnings Potting Mix

Latest review: planted seedlings in this potting mix and after repeated watering and wondering why the plants looked bad i have discovered the potting mix repels water, it is as dry as a bone just under the

Brunnings Tough Lawn Seed

Latest review: Do buy this product (hortico tough drought lawn seed) die in patches. It grows stringy fine blades, can’t be left long as it lays down and dies in patches. You can’t stand on it as your foot steps cru

Brunnings Seed Raising Mix

Latest review: It is full of large pieces of bark and compost that hasn't fully broken down. It certainly should not be labeled as seed raising mix. If you still want to buy it after that then nothing else said

Brunnings Ant and Termite

Brunnings Cactus / Succulent Mix