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Holman Auto Retractable Hose Reel with Spray Gun

Latest review: This product is made of bad quality. Firstly, during the time we have had this, the hose didn't retract properly and got stuck anywhere between 1 to 2 meters of hose left dangling out. It would take

Holman Dial EZY Controller

Latest review: First one died with no apparent error but no signal transmitted to stations, but returned to bunnings and they replaced it on the spot, the second one has been going for 12mths no problems. The Dial

Holman BTX1

Latest review: Useless. Will only complete the first watering of any schedule, at best. It only works in Manual watering mode, and you usually have to send the instructions to the device between 2 and 5 times

Holman Automatic Digital Tap Timer CO1605

Latest review: I’e had a poor experience with the quality of these . I replaced 2 which split after a few months. Another has split and the other is blocked in the u

Holman SH2015P

Latest review: Thinking Holman manufactured good products and these were relatively cheap I purchased 24 of these sprinklers only a few weeks ago - but, had it not been for this review site, I probably would have

Holman Multi Function Gun with Thumb Control 6552H

Latest review: We have loved this Holman hose gun, it’s amazing to operate and gives great precision and ease of adjustment. Unfortunately my home is run by a 3 year old who loves water, frequently has tantrums a

Baumr-AG Portable Compost Tumbler 190L

Latest review: I just got one of these a week or so back. Bought online. Reasonably easy to assemble, though I thought it was a bit miserly that the assembly instructions did not come with. Instead was a URL where

Holman BTX8

Latest review: The controller would be so much better we as landscape contractors could set the unit up for the client without needing them to be on site to use their phone. Also we need it on our phone to test

Holman Adjustable Power Nozzle

Latest review: I got this at a fairly cheap price so I wasn't expecting much. However, even at the highest setting, the nozzle was pretty weak. It was just like I was not using anything on my hose. Also, the nozzle

Holman Ezy Grip Adjustable Pistol Spray Gun

Latest review: I bought this Holman Pistol grip 8 setting water nozzle from Bunnings a little over a year ago, in a pack of two nozzles - the other was a 'bonus' 12mm variable pistol sprayer. The price was $9.90

Holman BTX6

Latest review: The BTX6 i bought last summer worked great on start up for the most part. Pros: simple to use Cons: can connect to only 1 device at a time Now shuts off after 5seconds of use. (No notification

Holman GreenWall Vertical Planting GW1001

Latest review: Wanted to create a vertical garden so I looked at the types available that were reasonably priced. Did some searching on the internet and watched a few videos of the different types available. I

Holman Water Whiz

Latest review: I am now on my fifth dual timer. Thanks to Bunnings, I have been able to change them. They run for a few weeks then stop working. Even the manual control stops so I can’t water at all. The latest one

Holman Low Pressure Tap Timer CO1603

Latest review: Purchased a holman 2 outlet tap timer from Bunnings. First one leaked. Took it back and swapped for another one. Second one leaked. Took it back and got another. Third one leaked just a little bit so

Holman 30m Weeper Hose

Latest review: I purchased 5 of these to service a series of long garden beds . Within weeks 4 had split so many times they were rendered useless. Also a holman dual tap splitter (brass) This failed at the braze

Holman 2 Dial Electronic Tap Timer CO1601

Latest review: Bought 4 Holman 2 Dial Electronic Tap Timer CO1601 at Bunnings in the last month Initially they worked well for about 2 weeks One literally cooked a battery guess have to blame the heat but poor