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Hills Garden Sprayer

Latest review: Mine is about 3 years old & use for killing wandering jew and other tough weeds (as we adjoin bushland). Have used two maintenance kits so far to replace the pressure release valve. Trigger is

Holman BTX1

Latest review: Bought this timer with the assurance my phone will run it. It paired successfully to my phone once then when I deleted it and tried to pair to my partners phone, which is the same as mine, it did not

Holman Automatic Digital Tap Timer CO1605

Latest review: This product stopped turning on after two months. Disconnecting the battery and resting the timer worked for three days then wouldn't turn off. I wished I read these reviews

Pope Auto Wind Hose Reel

Latest review: Purchased this hose reel from Bunnings about 6 months ago. Made the mistake of thinking that it would be O.K. Bought a nylex one at the same time. Pope one is nearly ready for the rubbish tip. Nylex

Pope Water Weeper

Latest review: Paid extra for a "premium" product at bunnings. Was initially fine. Then after several weeks it started squirting water out middle of the hose length...i mean, a lot of water. Basically instead of

Pocket Hose

Latest review: I too bought my first one at Big W two years ago and use it regularly -still works well (tiny puncture from brom. spike) Drained after use and stored in a 9 litre bucket in shade with lid.However I

Hot Devil Weed Killer

Latest review: OK. I read the negative reviews carefully. I examined the product. And it made sense. So I tried it out. It works as described. I use it to burn out the weeds in my brick pavers. It burns them to

Aqua Systems 5L Garden Pressure Sprayer Kit

Latest review: I have 3 x 5 Ltr spray pots all triggers have failed & can NOT get spare parts. I will never buy another one or any other product made by Aqua or products made by the parent company as they need to

Holman SH2015P

Latest review: Thinking Holman manufactured good products and these were relatively cheap I purchased 24 of these sprinklers only a few weeks ago - but, had it not been for this review site, I probably would have

Pope Aquazone Duo Tap Timer 1010377

Latest review: One of the outlets became intermittent after about a month, and failed altogether after about 6 months. The landscaper who installed it is now out of business, and refuses to replace it. A call to

Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose

Latest review: That's how bad this hose is. Almost impossible to use do to it kinking all the time. The nozzle is bad as well, randomly going from a fine spray to a sharp stream. Do not buy

Pope Aquazone Trio Tap Timer

Latest review: I’m actually surprised there are so many bad reviews. I’ve had these systems for years and never had an issue unless they have changed. I would not have any other and thinking about buying ano

Pope Snap Shot Timer

Latest review: Fell apart when I tried to connect it to the tap. Turns out that none of the four screws that hold the case together were inserted. Just empty holes. Took it back for refund and will have to find

Nylex Kinkaway

Latest review: Although not greatly impressed by my Nylex hose, I would perhaps have kept it if the Nylex tap fittings were fit for purpose. They're not. Under anything other than very low water pressure, they're

Pope True Blue

Latest review: This product is a disgrace. As soon as I opened it, the smell hit me. Ants came crawling out, and possum poo stuck to the insides. Even after two weeks I haven't gotten rid of the smell! Went

Yates Confidor Tablets Garden Insecticide

Latest review: These tablets not only saved many of my bonsai (around 30 azaleas), but bought life back to many other plants around my house. We live on acreage and have many pests, issues etc. No dramas with

AK Reels Easyhose

Latest review: We have just recently bought another ‘Easyhose' Garden Reel for my mum for Christmas. She has the most amazing garden - but had been battling with cheaper, unreliable & what she now considers to be i

Easy Composter

Latest review: The easy composter was easy to put together and works extremely well. So well in fact it creates compost in as little as 2 weeks. The sealed bin keeps out vermin and pests and makes it easy to move

Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food

Latest review: It is natural and organic so you dont have to worry about nasty chemicals, it wont burn your grass if you over apply and it wont stain concrete unlike chemical fertilisers. And best of all it works

Hoselink 9-Pattern Sprinkler 5640

Latest review: I bought this sprinkler while I was in Canberra on holidays last year. We have an add shaped,lawn and it works in all areas where necessary, it can be adjusted as the need arises. I would recommend

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