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Rover Pro Cut 560

Latest review: I got this two years ago at Masters and chose it mostly based on the name, but also took advice from the sales staff. It ALWAYS starts, never failed to start or been difficult. The weighting is a bit

Ozito Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301

Latest review: i bought the mower 2nd hand, previously it was used for a small lawn. I have a big lawn, the only bug bear I have is the lawn needs to be clean before you start, meaning removing all twigs as it just

Gardenline (Aldi) Petrol Mower

Latest review: I have been mowing my backyard for many years and my mower was getting tired so when I saw Aldi advertise this Mower I got it. Today I used it for the first time and it started well using the

Rover Mini Rider

Latest review: I've had my mini rider for 9 months now and am very happy with it. Super reliable, comfortable to drive. I'm on a 1500m2 block with some tight places and long runs all of which it handles perfectly.

John Deere 100 Series

Latest review: Since I purchased in March 2018, I have to pump up the tire everytime I need to use it. Brought it to the nearest Dealership to be told that they all do that and the problem can be fixed by putting


Latest review: 1) Only fills 1/4 of the catcher before spewing grass everywhere and needs emptying. 2) Inside blade area clogs with grass clippings and requires constant cleaning out. Even during small mows. 2a)

Victa 82V Power Cut 883241

Latest review: I bought this mower after talking to the Victa rep at Bunnings. I decided I wanted battery model after owning a corded Ozito which after 2 Years finally died. I have had an immaculate lawn for 2

Cox Lawn Boss Hydro Drive Lawn Mowers

Latest review: This mower is very well built. As you can see from the photo, I slashed grass over a meter high with it. Couple of short comings: 1) The tyres are small for this mower. If Cox designers and

Masport Bunnings 470 2'n1

Latest review: Same problem, drive shaft snapped while using on small back lawn, looks to be rubbish steel as the beak shows large grain structurw. Good quality steel does not snap leaving large grains visible.

Masport President 4000

Latest review: Great mower purchased it as a back to our ride on unit. This Masport President 4000 has it all catcher mulcher and stick mulcher up to 35mm diameter. And it handles the 35 mm sticks no worries. We

Masport Bunnings 486 3'n1

Latest review: This lawnmower is one of the best we have ever owned. It starts first time every time, we can do the backyard without having to empty the catcher numerous times too! The catcher is quite large.

Ozito ELM-1536

Latest review: This mower is a perfect replacement for a petrol mower when you become sick and tired of trying to start it. This one starts first go!! I watched a YouTube video on it by a guy in Qld, and he raved

John Deere X300 Select Series

Latest review: Great ride, we have 2 acres and mows really well. 3.5 hours per week more often in the spring. I would certainly buy another if I need too but this one has 400hrs and still going well. Recommend to

Rover Regal

Latest review: I am a definite mistreater of mowers. I don't like gardening but I live in the suburbs so I have no choice!! This means that there are long period where this mower doesn't get used until my wife

Husqvarna LC18

Latest review: as has been said the catcher is a bit tricky, other than that the mower is perfectly adequate for a small yard. mulcher works perfectly as long as grass isn't too long. At half the price of a honda

Supaswift Big Bob Series

Latest review: For larger lawns, the BigBob with the Honda GXV160 engine is superb. Do install 2 sets of blades to make cutting easier and faster (1 pair flat and one pair 'low lift' to assist discharge). No

Victa Commando

Latest review: I have just purchased commando 675 motor is ok but my problem is the catcher only half fills up and it starts dropping grass every were and when you pull the catcher out there is always grass stuck

Kubota Z100 Series

Latest review: Was great for 2 years until it started bogging down and short grass or wouldn't re start after running for a while so as a small engine mechanic I was certain I could fix it but to no avail, I

Victa Super Catcher VCS469

Latest review: I bought this my Super Catcher 5 years ago and it has never let me down. I agree with the air filter placement being in a bad spot. I sealed off all the air spaces and drilled 2 holes in the air

Husqvarna LC 19

Latest review: Needing a mower in a hurry (my other 2 mowers , both B&S, were in for repair) I bought the Husky. Based on years of use of their chainsaws, hedge trimmers, blowers, brushcutters, I thought - how

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