Honda Learner Approved Bikes

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Honda CB125E

Latest review: It is so easy to ride and it is very easy to control also its one of my favourite motor bikes. I highly suggest you try it. Very strong condition

Honda CB400

Latest review: mine is 2009 model, with no abs. Bought it in 2017 with 35K ish kms on it. Use it mainly as a daily commuter. Pro: smooth 4 cylinder engine, smooth gearbox, low seat height so it's friendly to

Honda CBR500R

Latest review: cheap bike that doesn't make mistakes but isn't brilliant at anything. your jaw wont drop with excitement and the adjustable forks on the 16+ models are a bit of a joke. over all very meh. I feel as

Honda CBR125R

Latest review: If you want a bike without all the frills that just gets you from A-B this is the one. As a LAM's approved bike this bike this is going to fall under the lower end of the spectrum in regards to

Honda NSC110 Dio

Latest review: It's so original and practical in so many ways. It has no real starter motor, it electronically starts using magnets, which makes for silent starting. The Idel stop feature is kind of interesting

Honda Today 50

Latest review: I bought a used scooter, 2013. making 35km/L, with just $5 you fill the tank. Incredible! Best scooter ever!! Don't make that crazy noise because it's 4 strokes! I'm very have with this scooter. And

Honda Lead 100

Latest review: I bought this because I assumed it would be fast enough on 80km/h roads because it has a 100cc motor. It's top speed is 75km/h and that's with a tailwind. Pretty much anything over 60km/h is a bonus

Honda CTX200

Latest review: Relatively simple maintenance. Oil dipstick in a painful location when putting oil in (1 litre), has a strainer not an oil filter. Reliable plodder, good low gearing in first for cattle, good

Honda PCX 150

Latest review: Great bike with excellent storage under seat. Runs well and makes parking a breeze. My PCX is my first bike and now take it everywhere and leave the car at home. Easily gets to highway speed and is

Honda Grom

Latest review: I agree with everyone else, this is a great eat little bike. It has a fairly high spec for a cheap bike too. Disc brakes front and rear, digital instuments with tacho, clock and 2 trip meters. The

Honda CBR300R

Latest review: Super reliable, made by Honda - one of the best motoring companies. Smooth engine, and everything works so well. Very quick when you want to move, scary to think how much power comes out of just one

Honda PCX 125

Latest review: Despite its narrow wheels, the road holding is actually quite good especially after the original tyres are replaced with quality brands. There is also ample storage underseat for a full face helmet

Honda XR190L AG

Latest review: The bike itself in any form is not fit for the purpose it is proposed for according to the website. The engine is a road bike style engine with fuel injection (a screamer engine) with very little