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28 Degrees Mastercard

Latest review: Just spend 37 minutes waiting on the phone to speak to 28 Degrees Customer Service and when I finally spoke to an operator, I was then cut off. Still haven't had my issue

GO MasterCard

Latest review: Worse experience ever, fees fees and fees, tyring to get balance down and even got a cheaper credit card at a bank to pay out balance to close GO Mastercard, until they then say they don't accept

Gem Visa

Latest review: Highly Disappointed!!! I am not at all satisfied with the services of Gem vida as they are making their customers fool by not disclosing many things. One lay man will think in a different way after

Lombard Credit Card

Latest review: Everytime on the phone lombard would resolve any request, they were upfront and honest. The best thing about Lombard that not many other credit cards have is that when you make a payment it actually

Coles Low Rate MasterCard

Latest review: Don't bother calling for help, the call centre state you don't have an account or call you the wrong name n gender. All I want to do is fix my issue. Till then I won't be paying the

ING Orange One

Latest review: If you are thinking of moving to ING, do not close down your old credit card before getting approval for a new one from ING. My wife & I are in the process of moving from Commbank to ING. Have setup

American Express Essential

Latest review: Arrogant staff, unclear answer. Call center seems in India and does not have mindset of customer service. The way they talk just like you asking them for money for free

Once Credit Card

Latest review: Our contract with Once Credit specified a termination date - that is, once the balance was paid, the account would be closed automatically. This didn't happen, even though it was stated in writing on

Jetstar MasterCard

Latest review: The best thing about this card is if you spend $10000 you get a $100 Jetstar voucher. These rewards are better than many other cards as long as you want to travel. Annual fee isn't too bad. Though I

ANZ Low Rate MasterCard

Latest review: I applied for credit card with excellent credit rating and was asked to send payslips which I did immediately. Then never received any response! No rejection no approval no acknowledgement

Westpac Low Rate

Latest review: I applied for a low rate credit card. Got one with a very low limit compared to what I received from other banks. Took this up due to being cheaper. So now you have got through and activated the

Macquarie Bank Visa Platinum

Latest review: However found out 2 months later still not upgraded to Gold and had to call multiple times for them to understand what i am talking about and they even fwd me to Hilton who had no idea either.

St.George No Annual Fee Visa

Latest review: After straggling to get on top my debt with a previous credit card provider, they weren't willing to help me at all with either a consolidation loan or switching to a new type of credit card or

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee

Latest review: Easy to use. Love the online and feel secure and love there fraud squad. I am a Google play user and purchase a lot of things with this card on Google Play. I was buying a family member some Apple

Westpac 55 Day

Latest review: Avoid carrying a balance on this card as the interest rate is very high for not having many perks. I also had an issue with credit card fraud when in Europe. Westpac believed that i was able to make

NAB Low Rate

Latest review: Signed up for the Nab premium online at one of those compare cards website for a BT as they were offering a 21mth no interest and no BT fee. But they put me down for the NAB low rate cc instead -

Bank of Queensland Blue Visa

Latest review: Credit card made simple. From the interest rate and the monthly statement. Use of the card is made real

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate

Latest review: I have been using this card for some time and unlike my other credit card (St george) I am impressed with the service and the staff who have been helpful and polite. I only use this card for travel

Citibank Signature

Latest review: I got charged interest on my account that was paid to a $0 balance more than 2 weeks early. There response was: "A review on your account shows your payment of $198.60 was received on 12 December

Suncorp Clear Options Standard

Latest review: I had a home loan with suncorp and thought applying for a credit card with them was going to be a breeze. I applied online and within a few days got a call back from the India Call Centre asking

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