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Homedics PA5H

Latest review: Had this about 6 months and use it at least twice a week. This is a great device, really gives the muscles a workover and you can feel the heat. The settings are basic but usable and can feel the

Homedics SBM115HAU

Latest review: I have a similar model to the above but with beige leatherette and grille fabric. These things are OK and good if you have noone around to do a proper massage, but nothing substitutes for the healing

Beurer MG150

Latest review: Well constructed massager that allows the wearer to manoeuvre the position of the item from the shoulders down to the hips. The wearer hooks his hands, fingers or thumbs in the loops that the bottom

I-medics Ambience

Latest review: I love the I-medics Ambience especialy after a long day. I can switch off and relex in a calm and safe invirament. It sends tingels down my spain. Its verry relexing. I also like the different

I-medics Chiro - Pro

Latest review: Helpins sick Aunt end of my day i was buggered she owned this one and i would buy one if i get the money thats how i came acrossthis sight searching for the price and exact one owe what luxury if it

CardioTech T-zone

Latest review: Bought a Appliance and had problems, since it had a 5 year warranty I wasn't too worried about it playing up. 5 years sounds like a lot of time. Not when you ring up, and they don't respond. After

Acupaedic 8600

Latest review: i have tried a number of times.I have tried many massage chairs but this is the Rolls Royce of Massage chairs. Its technology detects your muscles and body size and massages you to a tee! I cannot

OSIM uLove

Latest review: Very good after sell service as both staff at Box Hill Shop and Head Office Sydney are more than happy to

OSIM Ucozy

Latest review: I am so amazed and impressed by this product. I usually dont like machine gadget to replace hand massage. I changed my thinking now...this Osim Ucozy massager really work deeply into my aching and

Beurer MG300

Latest review: I’m not one to write reviews but this massage product performs amazingly and is the best value for money purchase I have made in a long time. It took me 2 minutes to unbox it and get started (on my r

Conair Relaxation Massage Matt

Latest review: Brought it for the massage and heat option. It looks pretty with the pink sateen. Controls are a bit hard to see in the darken room with minimal light. You need the instruction manual to figure out

HoMedics Shiatsu Back Massager SBM840HAU

Latest review: I bought this massager for my husband and i have used it a couple of times too, although i did try at the shop but at home u cant pleace on a sofa or a seat with slightly tilted back bcoz the

I-medics Freedom

Latest review: I purchased my imedics chair on 13/6/11 and it has stopped working. When it worked, it was a fantastic machine. But it has broken down after less than 2 years and it is an expensive purchase. I am

Mini Omni

Latest review: I like the different colored products the one that I used was purple. It did provide some relief. Not the best massage roller I have used but it was adequate enough for my needs. I like how it comes

Kogan Orgasmic Head Massager

Latest review: I use mine for just 10 mins to relieve a head ache, its easy to use, didnt cost the earth, doesnt pretend to be magical or anything silly & originally designed in Australia. I've found it works on

iYume A55

Latest review: I bought a massage chair and it is not as described on E-Bay. On E-Bay they go by the name loftysports and not iYume. The chair is also a health and safety issue and is very rough on the back - it

HoMedics SBM750HAU

Latest review: Stopped working after 7 months and they made me pay for shipping cost back to them. Will never purchase this brand name as the life span for a $200 unit and it doesn’t last. I was advised they would p

Homedics Ultimate FCC2000

Latest review: Plug is very poorly made lasted me 8 months for $300 dollars bought from Harvey Norman . Such a cheap made too bad it’s really good product only poorly made. From the price tag you’d expect more qua

Beurer MG21

Latest review: The heat did soothe to a certain point over a period of time - about 30 minutes. The effects of this allowed for a better nights sleep. However, the massager part of the machine did not go into the

Beurer MG 300 HD-XL

Latest review: This was purchased as an Xmas present from Harvey Norman. While it did massage a bit, the heating function was weak to non existent, and the rollers didn't quite reach all the way up the

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