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Omron HEM7121

Latest review: After a bout a month this expensive unit began showing random nonsensical characters on its display, so it became useless. Would not recommend at all. Lost the receipt, so no comeback with the

Omron HEM-7130

Latest review: the ease of use is very good no explanation needed buttons and screen perfect and batteries for self contained no messy wires, nice clean easy to read blood pressure

Omron HEM-7320

Latest review: I have the NZ version (7322). Been very impressed with the unit. I bought it after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and does a great job. Battery life is very impressive as use it every day and

Dick Wicks Ankle Support

Latest review: After I sprained my ankle, I was limping everywhere and a doctor told me that this would be great support. It really was, I was able to walk around with less limping and it reduces some of the pain.

Omron HEM-7600T

Latest review: I bought this machine HEM- 7600T (Made in Japan) from after thorough research. I was looking for a Blood Pressure Monitor hassle free in terms of handling, storage, accessories, accurate and tech

Omron HEM-7280T

Latest review: This monitor is ideal for older folk who don't want or need high-tech embellishments. The 30 prior readings are available at the press of a button and the only detection warnings are those for

Dick Wicks Knee Support

Latest review: Great for cardio workouts. Without it, after a couple of sessions of cardio on a threadmill, my knees tend to ache in the wrong places, like on both sides of the knee cap and sometimes on the bottom

Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Power Knee Strap

Latest review: I found that if you have pain in the back of the knee, put it on backwards(magnetic strip at the back of knee)it works instantly, the pain is non existent as long as the strap is on, I can now walk

Dick Wicks Flexopad Magnetic Pillow Insert

Latest review: I am a big believer in magnetic therapy, and initially started by buying the inidividual magnets and applying them to my neck and back. I then went on to buy this pillow insert, which made the whole

Dick Wicks Magnetic Deluxe Lower Back Support

Latest review: I can't speak for the other reviewer here, as I've had my belt support now for going on 3 years and it's still going strong! Have always gotten relief from my sciatica and back spasms when I put it

Dick Wicks Premium Reversible Wool Underlay

Latest review: I bought this product for 2 reasons. I wanted a woolen underlay and I wanted to get seomthing to help my shoulder which has been aching and keeping me awake. This product works beautifully as an

Omron Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-432

Latest review: Device works ok in first few weeks. After that, it keeps displaying internal error even with new battery. Reading only shows once every eight to ten attempts. This device will give you more

Omron M10IT Digital Automatic Upper Arm

Latest review: Before your Doctor get you to take pills for your perceived High Blood Pressure, based on OMRON Automatic BP Monitors, think again. These devices are very inaccurate and can drive you to take

Dick Wicks Standard Microfibre Underlay

Latest review: It was a present from a well-meaning sister who had heard the advertising on Magic 693. After using it religiously for 4 months I found no relief at all. I queried the store about this and they were