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Accu-Chek Combo System

Latest review: My child has been using this for over a year. Noticed huge improvement and stable BGL within 24hrs of going on this pump. Very easy to use, and my 7 year old child could navigate the meter easily

Get Smoke

Latest review: I ordered a INNOKIN T22 ENDURA KIT from Get Smoke and it was delivered the next day. They have a huge range of e-liquid flavours including ice, donut, pie, fruit and savoury flavours. They stock some

AND UA-621 / UB-510

Latest review: Why you could need a Blood Pressure Monitor: Last year I began routine recording and charting of my blood pressure and pulse readings using Walmart and Superstore in-store units whilst in Canada.

Air Essential Lifeline

Latest review: Seems very accurate. Comes with everything included such as good instructions, an adjustable armband, a/c adapter, soft case and computer software. This is unlike many of its competitors. Caters for

Dick Wicks Ankle Support

Latest review: After I sprained my ankle, I was limping everywhere and a doctor told me that this would be great support. It really was, I was able to walk around with less limping and it reduces some of the pain.

Survival Handy First Aid Kits

Latest review: I recently purchased the Survival Handy first aid kit to take with me on bush walks & camping trips. This kit is compact and light, with a place/labeled pockets for everything. What impressed me

The Natural Balance Magnetic Wellness Kit

Latest review: I have used the underlay from these guys for a while (maybe three years) and found it really did make a difference to my sciatica, so, despite my natural skepticism, as far as I'm concerned there is

Accu-Chek Softclix

Latest review: My daughter prefers the Softclix for her 7+ tests a day, saying it hurts less. It is also very durable, it's outlasted several monitors. I like the eject feature for the lancets as it is less likely

Omron HEM-7600T

Latest review: I bought this machine HEM- 7600T (Made in Japan) from after thorough research. I was looking for a Blood Pressure Monitor hassle free in terms of handling, storage, accessories, accurate and tech

Omron HEM-7280T

Latest review: This monitor is ideal for older folk who don't want or need high-tech embellishments. The 30 prior readings are available at the press of a button and the only detection warnings are those for

BioMagnetic Pure Cotton Magnetic Underlay

Latest review: This is my third purchase of the Natural bioMagentic Underlay. I originally purchased this product over 12 years ago, and found it so effective in relieving aches and pains, that I bought a second

Omron HEM7121

Latest review: Bought this to replace an old manually pumped cuff monitor that had lost calibration and was at times frustrating to use. This monitor takes the hassle out of monitoring blood pressure because it is

Beurer BM58

Latest review: Hi all, I already bought this Beurer BM58 today, - Quiet Good all in performance + touch screen + attractive design + nice bag. - Accuracy/Measurements are +/- 5 degree compared to others manual

Dick Wicks Knee Support

Latest review: Great for cardio workouts. Without it, after a couple of sessions of cardio on a threadmill, my knees tend to ache in the wrong places, like on both sides of the knee cap and sometimes on the bottom

Dick Wicks Activease Magnetic Power Knee Strap

Latest review: I found that if you have pain in the back of the knee, put it on backwards(magnetic strip at the back of knee)it works instantly, the pain is non existent as long as the strap is on, I can now walk

Accu-Chek FastClix

Latest review: We were given an Accu-chek mobile for our 2 yr old daughter. It is so much better than using an individual strip system. These lancets are not as good as the premium accu-chek ones, however they

CareSens N POP

Latest review: Ordered a package with meter, pricker, 50 spare needles, and 10 sample test strips. Came in a convenient sof sided zip up pack. Instructions were good and i had no problems using it. Cannot comment

Accu-Chek Multiclix

Latest review: This device actually works really well. I love the fact that it takes 6 lancets in one magazine. Very convenient and simple to reload. Its an absolute winner for those who have to test themselves 3

Dick Wicks Flexopad Magnetic Pillow Insert

Latest review: I am a big believer in magnetic therapy, and initially started by buying the inidividual magnets and applying them to my neck and back. I then went on to buy this pillow insert, which made the whole

BioMagnetic Deluxe Wool Magnetic Underlay

Latest review: After a few weeks I was waking up with pains all over my body I felt like 100 years old...took the underlay off been a week I am back to feeling like I have rested and no more pains throughout my

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