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Latest review: I hate taking any drugs but at the moment I'm taking 4 Nurofen caplets daily for severe arthritis in my wrists and I find they work ok. I used to take Panadol Osteo but because of the difficult

Nurofen Zavance

Latest review: I've found taking the Nurofen liquid capsules much easier to swallow. Kept buying the liquid capsules because they are easy to use, easy to consume and price is excellent to. It does work most of

Codral Cold & Flu + Cough

Latest review: This is a new formula?. It's been on the shelves over 10+.years?... It doesn't work! And in reality is a product they sell to make people more sick and laugh about it whilst they fill there pockets

Codral Day & Night

Latest review: This product is a PE product, meaning that there is no Pseudo ephedrine contained in this formula. I cannot take either ingredient used to replace the pseudo ephedrine - one makes me cough violently,

Nurofen Nuromol

Latest review: Apart from being costly, it is the only thing that works for me besides Panadol rapid. I got few of these as a sample when it first launched. I was never a fan of neurofen brands but I was so much in

Codral Cold & Flu

Latest review: This product did virtually nothing to relieve my symptoms. Avoid altogether and look for the Original Formula instead. In NSW that means handing over some I.D to make the purchase so make sure you

Nurofen Cold and Flu

Latest review: I describe my cold & flu experience as 'seasonal' because breathing in pollen in the air can cause havoc on the body's immune system when combined with cold temperature and wet weather during winter

Codral Original Cold & Flu MAX

Latest review: This isn't a miracle cure for cold symptoms but it definitely dull s the severity. The thing I liked about it was its ability to better clear the mind so I didn't physically feel so much pressure

Nurofen Gel

Latest review: I had a knee replacement a month ago & thought this might help with some of the sharp pain in the inside of the knee. The outside is usually numb after the operation, but not the inside. Oral

Codral Cold & Flu Original

Latest review: I tried it couple of times never worked on me, even it seems likes it become worst. It won't let me sleep. This is one of those worst night that I took this medication and it didn't worked, and it's

Codral Relief Decongestant

Latest review: Slightly relieved blocked nose. However, caused stomach pain even when taken after having food. Only purchased as Woolworths ran out of normal Codral. Will never purchase this product again. I would

Codral Cold & Flu + Decongestant

Latest review: These tablets did nothing for me except make me throw up and have violent tremors. I went to emergency, I've never been that sick. Its the first time I've had any brand of Codral and i won't be