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Panasonic ES4029

Latest review: I have had two of this model and cannot see why it gets such negative reviews. The only drawback is the cost of replacement foils (as much as a new shaver). Shaver Shop recommended the ES-ST29 as

Remington PG350

Latest review: All attachments works well and the battery charge lasted my 3 week long vacation. The 30 mm and 20 mm trimmer doesn't get jam or clogged with hair. I also didn't experience any bite on my skin. This

VS Sassoon Turbo Pro Clipper

Latest review: Bought this based on the VS brand reputation. I use this product to keep my hair very short. Initially the clippers worked very well, however after about 10 uses the battery lifer was noticeably

Philips Shaver Series 1000

Latest review: After a full charge should be able to shave 10-13 times. It’s better than the shaver that I bought before, Relatively clean-shaven. Cleaning is also very convenient.--------------no more words e

Panasonic ER-GK60

Latest review: I've been using this trimmer for over a year now and I have to say that it works great! It trims without the pulling and tugging and bad things that happens with other trimmers. I can't guarantee

Wahl Lithium Pro LCD Hair Clipper

Latest review: I've had this unit for three weeks, it's done three haircuts, it is still showing 100% charge. The blades cut extremely well, and smooth with a close cut. Over the last 20 years I've had many sets of

Philips SW7700/67

Latest review: Best shaver i've had so far. NO SKIN IRRITATION!!!! easy to use, does exactly what its made to do. Cannot fault this product. Even bought another one to leave at partner's place for when i am

VS Sassoon Pro-50 Intensive VS955A

Latest review: The Pro-50 Intensive really is amazing. I've tried many different hair clippers, but they just didn't cut it - even though they were high quality. With a 3.6V DC Motor, it cuts through my hair in one

Panasonic ES-LF51-S841 / ES-LF71-K841

Latest review: Except for one year where I briefly tried a German brand shaver (gave no end of trouble with foils needing to be replaced often, and then failed completely just out of warranty), I have used upper

VS Sassoon V Double VSM7575A

Latest review: I have been wanting a cordless hair clipper and this was on sale for half price, so I thought I'd give it ago! and I was pleasantly surprised, the twin blade cut well and its easy to use and easy to

Philips Nosetrimmer Series 5000 NT5175/16

Latest review: I bought this product after trying different brands. I found this product to be extremely safe to operate and maintain. Might be slightly expensive but its worth it provided you can afford to be

VS Sassoon Diamond Precision VSM1000A

Latest review: Have had a VS Sassoon hairdryer for simply ages and its fantastic, heaps better and longer lasting than other brands I have had over the years, so based on that we decided to purchase this brand

Bic Flex 5

Latest review: The best disposable shaver I've used so far. It has five blades so it's a very close shave - you don't have to go over the same area twice. I would recommend this to anyone who shaves regularly, as

Philips S9000 Prestige SB9860/13

Latest review: After almost 3 months of use, I am very confident to recommend this shaver. I used Braun Series 9 for a while before, personally I choose Philips S9000 Prestige one with 4 clear points: 1. Braun

Wahl WA8481-012

Latest review: Several new cordless hair clippers have arrived in the last two years. Wahl 6000 cc is one such clipper. It is in black, and it is very stylish. It is powered by a lithium ion battery which gives the

VS Sassoon VSM890A

Latest review: Have had a full beard for 40 odd years and have mostly relied on hair trimmers with combs and scissors. Have had the occasional professional trim. However I recently purchased the I Trim unit on sale

Flyco FC5807

Latest review: My prior trimmer died so i purchased this one at the shopping center. It is a compact design with built in rechargeable battery. Box includes, appliance, recharger, hair cape & three clip on cutting

Prince (Aldi) Maximum 2

Latest review: Over my many years I have tried all types and most brands of Razors. From the electric where you tend to rub your whiskers off, rather than cut them, to the multi swivel, follow the contour of your

Philips Shaver Series 5000

Latest review: After many years of using cartridge blade razors with shave oil, and with an extended overseas holiday coming up, I thought I'd treat myself to a battery-operated travel shaver. I've always had

Braun EN10

Latest review: I bought this as a backup for my other trimmer and have found it to be better. It cuts well with no nicks and sits well in the hand. Easy to clean and

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