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Coles Rapid 5 Razor

Latest review: This razor looks and feels quality, but the blades are terrible. It seemed somewhat ok on the first shave, but from the second shave onward, it almost felt like tiny shards of sharp glass scraping my

Bic Flex 5

Latest review: I was on vacation in Europe last year, when my Schick Extreme Sensitive 3-blade razor went blunt on me after about three weeks of usage. So I bought a packet of Bic Flex 5 5-blade disposables and

King of Shaves Hyperglide

Latest review: This has a unique design, it is so logical when you hold it against your face you wonder how we have all been conditioned to accept the design of the standard razor. I use it these days because it is

BiC Sensitive

Latest review: These have got to be the worst razor's on the market. They cut my face and throat they look what they are cheap rubbish.They cant make a pen never mind a

Coles Rapid 3 Razor

Latest review: I've used a Gillette Mach 3 for 15-20 years. I've tried other razors previously but gravitate back to the Mach 3 despite the high cost of replacement blades. But I saw the Coles Rapid 3 razor in the

Bic Hybrid 3

Latest review: I have been using Gillete Mach 3 for over a decade now, each blade lasts a month and I never have to worry about cuts. However on a weak moment I was tempted to try Bic Hybrid 3 which was on sale for

King of Shaves Azor 5 Sensitive

Latest review: If it feels cheap and plasticky, it's because it is. Bought 2 of these and each barely lasted me a month before the cheap plastic but holding the cartridge broke off. The shaving wasn't smooth at