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Samsung MS6104 / ME6104

Latest review: Cannot complain, does everything a microwave is supposed to do and looks good to boot. Size is just right for our apartment. It's been 8 months and still working well. Just right for a

Samsung MS32J5133B

Latest review: The microwave functions fine and when clean looks great in the kitchen. It has two cons tho, it get dirty really easily as with any mirror finished item and the buttons are hard to press. Depending

Samsung ME6144

Latest review: In the first 4 weeks the door release button became unreliable and a hot burning smell was experienced. To give small credit where due, the item was replaced under warranty (regrettably, I never

Samsung ME6124

Latest review: Cannot watch your food cook, useless piece of crap, would not buy another, why they did this is beyond thought, can only wait till it blows up, I might assist it a little, this is how much I dislike

Samsung ME73M

Latest review: Small, compact but has good features. Bought this 6mos back from the good guys, to replace an ageing microwave. 20L capacity, a bit tiny inside for a large pizza :-) has ceramic coating that makes it

Samsung MS40J5133BT

Latest review: I am so, so disappointed and want to know why the microwave oven’s interior light is practically non-existent, with hardly anything being able to be seen when cooking food in it; yet when you open t

Samsung MS23K3513AS

Latest review: Really this microwave makes my daily life easy as it heat foods very quickly and evenly. I am very much satisfaiwd with this product as it brings more features with different functions. I can assure

Samsung MS40J5133BG

Latest review: We bought the .Samsung 40L Microwave Oven 1000W MS40J5133BG. It is nice black, ceramic inside with many useful functions. It works well, cooks evenly and quickly. It is very easy to use with 12

Samsung MC455THRCBB

Latest review: Its a great conventional oven the size is great and cooks really well. The dial can be confusing at times with having to double check what setting it is on. I am a little unsure if this product will