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Sharp R210DW

Latest review: 1. This microwave oven is same as most other microwave ovens that it heats food through drying. 2. The controls are easy to use, just press the start button once for 1 minute and twice for 2 minutes

Sharp R350YW / R350YS

Latest review: I bought a Sharp Microwave for their great features and relatively simple to use functions. But above all I bought it as I had one previously for around 15 years and it was still working fine when I

Sharp R30A0S / R30A0W

Latest review: The Sharp R30A0W microwave was a great buy for my budget in a time of need. An ffordable product which is pleasant on the eye, has easy and useable functions giving 750 watts of even heating, hasn't

Sharp R350EW

Latest review: Sensor cooked food overdone every time so we have to wing it with timing !!! Very unhappy as have owned sharp micro for years beforehand : interior light lasted 4 months not

Sharp R395YS / R395YBK

Latest review: Purchased 2014 and has done a reasonable job. Two days ago arced and has a large burn mark. Was told by Sharp to take to local agent for assessment. Took microwave in, agent opened door and said he

Sharp R995DST

Latest review: Out of the Microwaves that we have had over the years this would be the one we have liked the least. However our opinion dropped even more when the the unit failed half way through a convection cook

Sharp R20A0W

Latest review: Happy with the microwave. It is enormous but it means everything fits. But it's rusted out after only a couple of years. Won't buy sharp again. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who can recommend a

Sharp R-330E

Latest review: This microwave is ineffective. It shouldn't even be on the market. I just want to run over it with my car. Food does not heat evenly and takes a long time to heat through. Never

Sharp R80A0S

Latest review: I've had this about 7 months and it has performed flawlessly. Simple controls even I can work out without having to run off to the instruction book. Versitile multi function means I rarely use the

Sharp R34DMW / R34DMBK

Latest review: Great looking microwave but I’ve had it less that 12 months got it brand new and has started making a extremely loud buzzing sound. Time for a new one again should have kept the old one it was just u

Sharp R330YS / R330YW

Latest review: When my previous entry-level Sharp Carousel microwave died after 20 years of service I had no hesitation in going straight out and buying another Sharp Carousel, the model R330YW. The unit was

Sharp R42BST

Latest review: Great looks, size and functionality, but you would expect more life out of it than 4 years, especially that we paid around $400!!!! I probably would of bought the same one, but after reading the

Sharp R820EBK

Latest review: After reading reviews for many convection microwaves from varying prices up to $1000.00 I settled on the Sharp R-820E. I wanted something simple to use with microwave oven and grill and this was it.

Sharp R231ZS

Latest review: Given that our pre-existing Sharp 800W compact unit had provided reliable service over a 30 year period, it was a 'no brainer' purchasing a replacement unit. Works perfectly so far. As is the case

Sharp R954AST

Latest review: Easy operation. Just nice for a family of 6. Operates with touch sensor button and conventional rotating knob. Door open sideway. The stainless steel finishing make look elegant, slim and fit well

Sharp R32BST

Latest review: Bought this microwave a week ago when we moved house & have had nothing but trouble with it. Half the time it doesn't work even though the timer etc is counting, nothing is actually happening in the

Sharp R995DW

Latest review: We have used Sharp convection microwave ovens for many years. Our first lasted for over 15 years before it was time to renew. Made in Japan, they were reliable and the convection function the best in

Sharp R80AOS

Latest review: I had a sharp convection microwave for many years....it actually died of old age and it was absolutely outstanding so I bought a new one. Yeah ok, it cooks.....BUT the elements are exposed so your

Sharp R890

Latest review: We tried Woolworth’s frozen 125g Apple Pies at 175° for 30-minute cooking time. This time we just added five minutes for pre-heat and the pies were perfect. I'm very happy with the control software f

Sharp R395EST / R395EBS

Latest review: Another example of designers outsmarting themselves in the never ending battle to outdo the competitors. Lots of really clever ideas that don't work. Forget about the 'smart' defrost, unless you

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