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Latest review: Instarem has the best rates as compared to the competitors, as it takes into account the real time conversion rate, and charges a fees on top -- from the smallest of the transfers to the largest of


Latest review: I made a recent transaction this week Monday and they keep reviewing that transaction and after some days my account get disabled I tried so many times u guys but none of you haven’t reply, email yet


Latest review: I have used a few firms over 10 years and I have used TransferWise on multiple transactions in many currencies over 9 months. With this last transaction I needed help and emailed them but as my


Latest review: Received a payment of $1300 from selling a computer when i was 16, locked my account, has been two years, money still locked, called them like 50 times, every time same answer, "provide an id". i

Western Union

Latest review: I have workers in the Philippines, I pay them well but they support family on their wages. I have paid the same people every week individually. I went to pay them last week and western union all of a


Latest review: I found that I opened an account based on an email of a rate which I was never able to actually get when it came time to deal. They initially were much better than another provider, but after I


Latest review: I have been waiting 2.5 months for some cash to be transferred, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand why the delays have occurred and have found this company to be a huge


Latest review: Easy to set up Great instructions and feedback Inexpensive I set up an account after years of using bank transfers that were associated with large fees and poor exchange rates. The OrbitRemit

Xe Money Transfer

Latest review: We did mistake and deposited $2000 cash in xe account. Transfer policy of xe is online transfer. We have spoken twice on phone with xe to resolve the matter either release funds to destination or


Latest review: I sent money with MoneyGram online service, to a family member, then when he went to collect the money was told name on the document did not match, I was asked to cancel the transaction and create a

World First

Latest review: Had a great experience making an FX transfer with WorldFirst. The staff were helpful and understanding and ensured that I got a great rate. Thanks


Latest review: Get with the times, no wonder crypto currency is so attractive, when banks can't even make a bpay payment over a public holiday or weekend. What a joke, and primitive

Rocket Remit

Latest review: Worst possible remit company going around. They will actively seek to hit you with extra charges and fees wherever possible and make these fees unfair and unjust. I will never do business with them

Orbit Remit

Latest review: I have used these people with reasonable results over 6 months and numerous transactions. My current one has taken a complete day so far to locate funds their system seem to have lost. My recipient

Danesh Exchange

Travelex International Payments

Latest review: I placed an order on their web page for NZ$ 2000 to be collected by them at Canberra Airport on the 3rd of March before my parents departed for Wellington. Paid for it by bank transfer and got the

GMT Money

Latest review: This website is a simple international money transfer website. You sign up, provide required 100 point IDs and use it to transfer funds to family or friends internationally. The website seems to