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Trek Marlin 4

Latest review: Coming from a 26 inch tyres and a smaller size frame (bike got stolen from train station) to this large 29er with 21.5 inch frame was a treat to ride. The difference of ride I felt was huge. Hardly

2011 Polygon Cozmic CX4.0

Latest review: This company makes excellent bikes. There downhill rigs seem to be going well which is a good indication for the frames. The components on the bike are high quality and exceptionally priced. I could

2011 Polygon Collosus SX3.0

Latest review: I just did an adventure race on my new bike on the weekend. The bike went well. The set up worked really well. Good control downhill when you wanted to pick up the pace & really good traction on the

2011 Polygon Collosus AX 3.0

Latest review: Great looking bike with a good finish, excellent components and the shop staff were excellent. It was at first impression short in the cockpit, but with a different seat and perhaps a dropper off

2012 Polygon Cozmic CX5.0

Latest review: Great bike for trail and road. Excellent components and value for money. Shimano parts work smoothly . Excellent disc brakes. Gear systems enables to climb up long uphill 15km stretch. Very

2011 Polygon Collosus FRX

Latest review: The FRX is a do all bike. With a tweak of the suspension and geometry the FRX will get you around your local trails with the efficiency of a smaller bike. As for bigger (downhill) tracks the FRX

2012 Polygon Cozmic DX4.0

Latest review: Great bike shipping was fast and arrived before stated delivery date, the kids all love the bike with comments like : sick and dope. I was impressed with the quality and the fact that disregarding

2012 Polygon Collosus CRX

Latest review: The over bearing feeling I've had from racing the CRX is the confidence it has given me. At times I struggle with confidence in my ability to hit lines hard and fast on technical single track. I have

2011 Polygon Collosus CRX XX

Latest review: This is one of the best bikes I have ever had just the spec alone are worth 3 grand very light and fast and a great looking bike turns heads what else can I say you need to see it for your self so

2012 Polygon Premier 3.0

Latest review: Assembling the bike was slightly more difficult than i expected. However, i could see instantly that it was very good quality. The gears were very smooth. Free delivery and 14 days free trial is

Polygon Siskiu D6

Latest review: Awesome mountain bike great build great ride. This was my first online bike purchase and I couldn't be more happy, prompt delivery as well. I had a ball putting it together and setting it up to how I

Trek 4300

Latest review: I bought the Trek fro $600 and its been a good bike and I also fitted a child seat to this bike to carry my son on it too. The gears and brakes are very fiddly to adjust but then all new bikes are

Polygon Entiat TR8

Latest review: I was looking for a 27.5"+ bike and came across this brand online. I took a chance on ordering a bike sight unseen and it arrived pretty quickly after ordering. Minimal setup required and no

2011 Polygon Collosus SX 2.0

Latest review: The Collosus SX 2.0 was my first ever purchase of a dual suspension bike. I bought it because my hardtail simply could not keep up with the dual suspension and downhill bikes of the other riders. I

Trek Powerfly 5

Latest review: In general, Ioved the bike itself. Loved being on it, loved how it rode. Fun to get into light technical stuff. Good value too for the component spec. It was hard to find any hard tail that didn't

2012 Polygon Xtrada 3.0

Latest review: I bought his bike second hand, for my son to sit alongside my Polygon Siskiu 7 - it is a 2016 model but hardly ridden. Original tyres have no visible wear on them. No wear on anything. On the plus

Trek Fuel EX 8

Latest review: Bad experience from start to finish. Same as other guys ex cal 8 worst machine ever.where do I start. Crank fell off. Gear shifter broke. Spokes continually broke Until I had enough went to a

2016 Polygon Xtrada 6

Latest review: The Extrada is a great bike for a daily commute, but don't buy it based on its rugged appearance - yes it has 32mm stanchions and a slightly 4 cross feel to it, but it's not good for anything harder

Trek 8500

Trek Top Fuel 110

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