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British Paints Decking Oil

Latest review: i cleaned my deck with a napisan solution before oiling,the first coat was dry in 2 days i recoated making sure not to apply too much.the 2nd coat was dry in 2-3days and i was happy with the result

British Paints Clean Protect

Latest review: Bought white paint 15L, paint over the wall 3 coats and still need another one. The worst paint ever! Bought other brand and done better job after just 2 coats

British Paints Rapid Dry Oil Enamel Gloss

Latest review: No wonder this has been taken off the market !!!! It's absolute garbage ! After spending ages sanding and undercoating, the first coat goes on fine............Can't wash the brush out, as it is now

British Paints H2O

Latest review: Super gutted .so much work goes into prep. Wish we had googled this first. Used on all skirting and window frames internally. Terrible finish. Streaky, drippy and uneven finish. Disappointed

British Paints Ceiling Paint

Latest review: I bought British paints as recommended by Bunnings staff, 4 Coats to do a small room and this is painting over white, same problems painting my bathroom, it’s patchy does not cover well. Very annoyed

British Paints Prep 4in1

Latest review: Used water based primer before and consistency was fine, but to stop water based stain, using this BP oil based primer now. problem is its very thin even after mixing it well. Its hard to handle

British Paints Ceiling Paint & Prime

Latest review: Dead on the money.... Bought from bunnings. Prepped my old ceilings properly, cleaned and sanded them and had no issues with this product. Thick and fully textured so needs to be stirred vigorously

British Paints Four Seasons

Latest review: The paint is not spreading when using a brush, it is covering with a roller but need to cut in with a brush and it seems to be separating. Using 2 other brands on the same area and not experiencing

British Paints InOne Interior

Latest review: Purchased this tin to paint over a previously gold and white wall. The paint upon opening the tin is a greeny/blue color and upon stirring becomes white. When applied on the gold and white color on

British Paints Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Latest review: I am painting new plaster, the paint has very low adhesion to the joining compound, to the point it is peeling off on the roller if I have to redo or touch up an area. Painted same plaster in