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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003

Latest review: I had always heard good things about Bridgestone RE003 tyres. When my Michelin Pilot Sport 3 starting to get low on thread, I changed to RE003. Impressed by the grip and response, and for what I had

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

Latest review: Got these in a by 3 get 1 sale for 500 $. safety and performance are what helps Bridgestone achieve their mission. It's easy to choose the right tyre for your needs, whether that's for fuel savings,

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Latest review: Bought these tyres less than a year ago for a FWD Toyota Aurion, they started of quiet nice, but after less than 10,000 kms they have started to squeel even at very very low speeds while cornering.

Continental ContiSportContact 5

Latest review: Drove it in wet conditions for the first time since replacing all existing four tyres which appears to . Excellent grip which makes driving in wet conditions less intimidating. Ride was comfortable

Bridgestone Turanza ER300

Latest review: Bought these for a great price through Tyroola and had them fitted by a local place. From what I can tell, the tyres hold the road well. Note - these are installed on a Toyota Corolla with 2 baby

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

Latest review: Had a blow on original Tyre on M1 motorway, so had to replace all 4 with new Bridgestone and totally satisfied with the product and service. Have gone in for third Tyre rotation with no hassles and

Bridgestone Ecopia EP300

Latest review: Bought Bridgestone ecopia tyres three months ago.good braking on these tyres.it is definitely economical.i notice difference in fuel. On highway use to be 6.5-7 litre now 5.5-6 litres/100. Was good

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

Latest review: I bought these tyres in Sydney on my Nissan A33 Maxima and drove straight to Darwin , 4,000ks in 4 days, Tyres were a bit noisy and i had to check the pressures EVERY day, wear factor is good , no

Bridgestone RE92

Latest review: This tyre used to be made in Australia. Mitsubishi Australia selected this tyre for its Magana model. It offers comfortable driving and suits reasonably well for a family car. My set lasted about

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2

Latest review: These are my second pair of ContiPremium 2's. I was so impressed with the first set that i just bought a second. First set lasted 4 years, and that was without regular realignments. Always found them

Bridgestone Turanza ER30

Latest review: I have these tyres on a front wheel drive car. have done 13,000 ks in two and a bit years and they are half worn. I have these rotated and balanced at every service. I also have them inflated at

Bridgestone Potenza S001

Latest review: Very average Tyre to what Bridgestone thinks about it. Had them on a brand new car, did not even last three years, became very noisy when reached 30,000 km so had to change them. Not worth the

Continental ContiSportContact 2

Latest review: My VW polo came with 17" Conti 2 tyres. I have done 80,000 kms before down to wear indicators.These tyres have never lost grip in a corner, wet or dry. Admittedly the car is light, but I have

Bridgestone Sporty Style MY-02

Latest review: I bought 2 of these tyres for the front (235/40/18), a little more road noise than I would have liked but it wasn't loud at all. They were good for a few weeks (maybe 2000kms) gripped good in wet and

Bridgestone Turanza T001

Latest review: Great even wear, great handling and smooth ride. Wet grip is still fantastic after 30,000km. Dry grip is smooth, progressive and very predictable. Priced rather well, but also on par with pricing

Continental ContiSportContact 3

Latest review: I have just replaced all my run flat Continental tyres on a C200 after 30k of moderate driving. What really surprised me was the rear tyres were almost slicks in the middle of the tread. A very

Continental UltraContact UC6

Latest review: I bought a set of 4 x 215/60 x 16 Continental UltraContct UC6 tyres to replace the Goodyear Assurance Tyres that were on the car and after some 55,000 kilometers were no longer roadworthy. The first

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

Latest review: I have a diesel 4WD that is 200kg heavier than its petrol cousins and had to slow down significantly when cornering. When I have the Premium Contact 5 tyres fitted, my 4WD began to feel like a sport

Continental ContiSportContact 6

Latest review: At first service at 10k had to replace two tyres that were classified as unroadworthy. Was told by Honda that this is what to expect. I do lots of country klms, the tyres handle magnificently in all

Continental ContiEcoContact 5

Latest review: Replaced 2 tyres on the Mini, these are nice and quiet and grip well especially for cornering on the Mini. Going by the previous set I had these should also last a very long

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