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Ego QV Body Wash

Latest review: I use this and so does my daughter. It is gentle on the skin and would recommend it esp if you have skin conditions like eczema. It doesnt have any

Ego QV Bath Oil

Latest review: I have used this product for my 4 month old son as he has developed mild eczema and it has helped to get us great results! We tried a number of alternative brands, and QV definitely had the best

Ego QV Gentle Wash

Latest review: I got eczema and my skin got very dry when I moved to Australia in 2009. I guess it is because of the hard water and different climate. (I am from Japan where is much humid compared to here and the

Ego QV Naked Deodorant

Latest review: Like other reviews said, this deodorant made me smell worse than no deodorant! I don’t usually smell but this made me. Sad I have to throw it out but it’s use

Ego QV Naked Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Latest review: I have sensitive underarms and I have had some terrible reactions to roll on deodorants that caused rashes and discomfort that took weeks to solve and a lot of steroid cream. I tried QV naked anti

Ego QV Flare Up Bath Oil

Latest review: My hubby accidentally bought this oil thinking it’s good for our baby’s eczema instead of the normal bath oil, we used it in the bleach bath formula recommended by RCH and after 2-3 days my son’s skin

Ego QV Bar

Latest review: I used this bar and found it to satisfactory as the bar lathers up well / it's just as good as the qv liquid wash though I decided to switch to the pump pack under the doctors advice / the qv soap