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Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion

Latest review: My skin gets rather dry in the winter, and I've been searching for a convenient moisturiser that dries quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feel on my skin. This in-shower moisturiser is great. It's

Nivea Visage Sensitive Balance Soothing Cleansing Milk

Latest review: This is a lovely Cleansing Milk and made by Nivea, whom I trust with my skin requirements. It is for sensative skin but I think all skin types could use it and it is gentle on the skin, lathers well

Nivea Revitalising Shower Gel

Latest review: Niveahave finally caught up with the rest of them, there range of Body washes and shower gels are second to none and there is one or two just for you, the price is good andyou can expect them to last

Nivea For Men Replenishing Post Shave Balm

Latest review: I found this really nice after shaving, really nice and moisturized and soothed. I like the smell too. I find it is good to put on before or after shaving or even the next

Nivea Self Tan Lotion

Latest review: For the price, this is actually an excellent choice. I found it took two applications to get the depth of colour I wanted right, but it didn't blotch badly or anything and faded pretty natrually. I

Nivea Silver Protect

Latest review: I don't think people are just being nice to me, but I shaven had a complaint about body odour in over 10 years. Coincidentally, this is about how long I've used this product. I prefer the roll on

Nivea Firming Massage Shower

Latest review: overall i love nivea, great brand, great product and the smell is divine. easy changeable massage head from soft to hard and easy hits into your hands. personally i loved this product, you can change

Nivea Dry Impact

Latest review: Sounds like I'm not the only one who's brought new deodorant cans, and within a days it's magically empty, it's happened twice now. I'm pretty sure they know about the problem, but have no intension

Nivea Deodorant Pure Spray

Latest review: Terrible. I signed in just to make this comment, it stained my clothes!!! It has a strong smell which I don't like. It also encourages sweat, lots of it. I actually had to wipe it off and go

Nivea Deodorant Double Effect Violet Senses

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