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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze

Latest review: I do like this product however the smell is very off putting. As a result I won’t be buying this again. I am referring to the Natural tan body l

PureTAN Pure Bronze

Latest review: Easy application can see results straight away make sure to shake well before use. A natural brown not orange. Apply twice after drying and tan will last a week. Fantastic product and I've tried alot

Rox Tan 2 Hour Tan

Latest review: We have been using the solution for a couple of years now. RoxTan asked me to review I think because of the last review. They are great so have no problems doing so. The reviewer below 'Angie' does

Avon Skin-So-Soft

Latest review: I always order this to my Avon lady friend and this has been on stock at home as me and my kids love its moisturising effects on the skin especailly after bathing I really like that it can stay on

MooGoo Milk Soaps

Latest review: Need this soap for grand niece who has eczema. Read a article how it helped a 3 year old.Would like this soap even if a sample because she suffering bad this

Nina Silk Hair Removal

Latest review: This product doesn't remove the hair at the root as it says it should do in the advertisement. It just sands it off and I can still see the hair inside the skin. It takes way too long to do. I would

Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun

Latest review: I have tried many tanning products on the market. This is by far the best product I have come across. There is minimal smell, it washes off easily and my skin takes it up really well. It isnt

Dove Go Fresh Scent Deodorant

Latest review: I was so excited to try this product especially since the deodorant smelt good and was made by Dove. When I switched to this deodorant I begun to get painful big boils under my arms repeatedly

Le Tan Daily Glow Gradual Lotion

Latest review: Absolutely amazing wont find a better moisturiser tanner, I recommend it highly, especially for fair skinned people because it gives you a nice glowing tan, looks very natural. Very good

Juju Menstrual Cup

Latest review: Firstly about Menstrual Cups Australia Online - they deserve a mention about how quickly they sent the cups to me. I was impressed by their service and ease of the transaction. Now onto the cups

Nubrilliance Hairless

Latest review: I asked the sales operator "Does it shave like men shave. It looks like it does". She replied "We haven't had any complaints yet". Stupid me bought. NO STARS from me. Well, 1 otherwise I could not

Dove Original Deodorant

Latest review: dove roll on deodorant because it stands on the lid the lid is filling up with deodorant this is happening with the last few dove roll ons i have bought i end up with a lid full on

The Body Shop Hemp

Latest review: I brought this for my mum and the hemp face cream she absolutely loves it for when her skin gets rushed from sweat and daily make up use. It’s the only one she doesn’t react too

Ego QV Gentle Wash

Latest review: I got eczema and my skin got very dry when I moved to Australia in 2009. I guess it is because of the hard water and different climate. (I am from Japan where is much humid compared to here and the

Braun Silk-épil 9

Latest review: After upgrading from an Epil 7, I was amazed at how much faster and less painful this was to use. It charges quickly and holds the charge for a decent time, especially good when you are doing your

Nivea Deodorant Pearl & Beauty

Latest review: I'm using the pearl and beauty now. 48hr I took my dog for a brisk morning walk in 29degrees heat for about a hour. When I got back I was smelly and had to

Fresca Natural Deodorant

Latest review: I am so glad I found Fresca Natural Deodorant. I've tried just about all the other natural deodorants I could find, and even made my own for a while, but I've either had a reaction to the others, or

Remington i-LIGHT PRO+ Face & Body IPL IPL6500AU

Latest review: I was about to invest $500+ to get my legs lasered at a laser clinic, however I decided to do some research and invest in my own home system. I bought this one while it was on sale... and it’s the b

Dove Fresh Touch Beauty Bar

Latest review: I have been using dove products since i was a kid. The dove cucumber soap has an amazing smell. I love that the soap moistourises and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry compared to other soaps. It

Radox Coconut Rush

Latest review: The scent was decent but it was really annoying that the pump on the bottle simply didn't work. Makes it difficult to use in the shower when you have to tip up a bulky

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