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Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Latest review: Was denied our claim for A mater of it being inside the waiting period, the difference was 2 weeks talk to someone hoping they would come to the party was told it wouldn't matter if it was 1 day so

RSPCA Pet Insurance

Latest review: I recently had the unfortunate reason to lodge a claim, without doubt the process was smooth, the staff courteous and my claim was paid promptly. In this age of bureaucratic nonsense where Managers

Pet Insurance Australia

Latest review: I set up my insurance for my husky many years ago and have only made my first claim this year. It was esay and fast to do online, uploading relevant documents and processed in a reasonable time. I


Latest review: Timely, have delivered. My poor boy is happy and healthy thanks to pet plan. 5th yr of plan , price went up a bit last year on the previous year which I wasn’t expecting .

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Latest review: Not worth the money. Cheaper , but as always,you get what you pay for. Have always been with this company and this was the first claim for my 11 year old dog.The claim was relatively small but


Latest review: At first I thought it was expensive until my dog tore his side open. I wass amazed at how quick and no fuss response was. Been with Petsecure for

Medibank Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have been with medibank pet insurance for almost 7 years. A few weeks ago I had to rush my beloved cat to the emergency vets as it turned out her small intestines spontaneously telescoped and she

Real Pet Insurance

Latest review: Submitted the online claim after uploading all relevant documents. The claim was tracked and approved in no time at all. The process was equally easy in the subsequent claims. Thank

Bupa Pet Insurance

Latest review: Claimed for my Cocker Spaniel surgery and some consultations. After my vet released the notes the payment for the claim as smooth and effortless. I submitted everything online and when I called them

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance

Latest review: Just call today and took the policy . The girl was very good and explain everything. Hopefully will be very happy with the policy . I can’t say anything else yet . T


Latest review: The claim process takes approximately 1 month and not like they say, always delays, they keep asking further details via letter so weeks of delay +5 days for money to transfer even if nowday exist

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

Latest review: It did take a while for my claim to be paid out but it was my fault not yours... we didn’t realise we hadn’t given our bank details which delayed thi

HCF Pet Insurance

Latest review: I am a pensioner and have been paying good money to this company for 6 years and in that time made 2 claims, both of which were rejected. In the first instance the claim was for a cruciate ligament


Latest review: Both my cat and puppy are insured by Prosure. Unfortunately both had claims, first puppy injured his paw last year, claim was rejected as pre existing. Then late last year cat got in a fight with

RACQ Pet Insurance

Latest review: Stay away from RAC pet insurance. They do not pay out large claims. They will claim it is a pre existing illness even though my dog has no vet record of pre-existing illness or injury I even got my

Prime Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have had one dog with prime for 3.5 years over $75 a month - pretty bloody high cost. I want to insure my new pup and they want so much more than the older dog. They have refused to negotiate a

1300 Insurance Pet Protect

Latest review: 2019. I have had insurance with these guys for around eight years. It used to cost me less than the price of a coffee a week for my "hardy" little dog and I can count on one hand the amount of


Latest review: I held two policies for about seven years and had a positive opinion of Petsure until last night. What happened last night? I received an email advising a claim I had submitted in November 2017 had


Latest review: My dog has been insured with PetCover since she was 8 weeks old - EIGHT WEEKS - and now I am told that she has never had life cover so she can only be covered for new illnesses. She's 12. Go figure.


Latest review: I have had my dog insured since the day she was born- The breeder had her insured and we then insured her. My dog had BAD allergies- allergic to Chicken (which is in ALL dog food) Sorghum (again- in

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