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Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Latest review: Last year after giving them a new credit card because the previous one was compromised, I was under the assumption the fees were taken out regularly, not so, I tried to put a claim in recently and

RSPCA Pet Insurance

Latest review: My first experience in buying pet insurance has been very pleasant with RSPCA. Customer Service over the phone has been excellent, the process has been made so easy and hassle free. I hope I have

Pet Insurance Australia

Latest review: We have a pure bred German Shepherd with an impeccable health record, breeding notes. She became unwell with addisons disease, however, because she was taken to the vet for an unrelated issue during


Latest review: I have had 5 dogs covered by Petplan for about 5 years now and it has only been a good experience. Every claim dealt with quickly and extremely effienciently. I have recently had the misfortune of

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Latest review: What a disappointment. I moved over to Woolworths and all they seem to do is delay and try to avoid making any type of payments. Don't touch these guys with a 10 foot pole and I am so sorry I


Latest review: I have been insured with PetSecure for approximately 24 years and have made many claims, have always been very happy with speedy claims process and service received. While the cost increase over the

Medibank Pet Insurance

Latest review: I posted in my claim forms and bills over 7 weeks ago and have heard nothing. No e-mail, no phone call, no letter. I finally was able to get on line to check my claim only to see that it was denied.

Real Pet Insurance

Latest review: Policy is good value and was easy to set up. I have loddged a number of claims, and the majority of them were paid. Claiming is very simple and now can be done throu the vet practice. I have been

Bupa Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have been with Bupa for 3 years. This is the first time I had to make a claim and it was a big one, with my doggo / fur kid / best fur friend recently diagnosed with melanoma, going through 2

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance

Latest review: The policy was easy to set up ...I’ve had the policy nearly 12 months and still have not received policy documents as promised that day on the phone. I have made a claim for desexing and dew claw r

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

Latest review: The only pet insurance co. that insures over 9yo pets for accidents and illness for a good price. I also like the idea that this helps the guide dogs with the


Latest review: Good value. Previously had senior pet policy in 2017/2018. ( Returned customer). Understanding when making claims. ( previous pet policy) Would recommend pet insurance if you are looking for a decent

HCF Pet Insurance

Latest review: I am a pensioner and have been paying good money to this company for 6 years and in that time made 2 claims, both of which were rejected. In the first instance the claim was for a cruciate ligament


Latest review: I have had Prosure platinum cover for my Airedale since we got her as an 8wk old puppy........she is now 8yr old and its the BEST thing we ever did. To have the piece of mind that you have the

Prime Pet Insurance

Latest review: I have had Prime insurance since I got my puppy 4 yrs ago. 2.5 yrs ago my dog went blind and started having seizures, we took Reggie to all sorts of specialists that cost fortunes and he has had

RACQ Pet Insurance

Latest review: Although the breed of dog is specifically stated in the certificate of insurance, failed to pay out on surgery due to the issue being a common concern in the breed. Researched policies carefully

1300 Insurance Pet Protect

Latest review: 2019. I have had insurance with these guys for around eight years. It used to cost me less than the price of a coffee a week for my "hardy" little dog and I can count on one hand the amount of


Latest review: I held two policies for about seven years and had a positive opinion of Petsure until last night. What happened last night? I received an email advising a claim I had submitted in November 2017 had


Latest review: I have 2 whippets who are accident prone, one has required stitches on 3 separate occasions due to run ins with tree branches. The smaller one just received stitches to her leg from an injury


Latest review: My dog has been insured with PetCover since she was 8 weeks old - EIGHT WEEKS - and now I am told that she has never had life cover so she can only be covered for new illnesses. She's 12. Go figure.

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