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Echo CS-4200ES

Latest review: I've owned mine for about 4 years now. I service it every year and have used about 8 chains, lately I've been resharpening. The saw is as good as new. It usually starts on the first or second pull

Bigger Boyz Toyz BBT 62 cc

Latest review: The BBT chainsaw range seems unbelievably cheap but, needing something with a big bite and not really wanting to spend over $1200 on other brands, I purchased this chainsaw for about a fifth of that

McCulloch CS360

Latest review: Great little saw. Swedish brand, assembled in the USA. More than enough power to chop firewood and do work around my property. Make 100% sure, you hold the bar up at the tip when tightening the

Echo CS-350WES / CS-351WES

Latest review: I love my little Echo, I replaced an older Homelite and prior to that a Husqvarna. The Echo flies through the wood, but can be a little hard to start in cold weather, maybe that's the owner drowning

Echo CS-352ES

Latest review: I purchased this Echo chainsaw approximately two and a half years ago, to replace a similar sized Stihl chainsaw which I was always having trouble starting, even after the unit had been serviced on a

Husqvarna 445

Latest review: Have had this for a few years now and have likely done more than 150 hours of cutting on a small hobby farm. Really good unit and have not had any issues with it at all. Good weight, balance and

Husqvarna T435

Latest review: If you can afford it this saw it is a real gem. I use it for camping and caravanning for fire wood and it performs on dry aussie hardwords. Starts first time every time and it's light weight means

Efco 162

Latest review: After a bad experience with a cheap chainsaw from Mitre 10 I intended to buy a Stihl, but was persuaded to this Efco that one of our local suppliers stocked. It has been an extremely good buy. It

Echo CS-8002

Latest review: Bought this chainsaw as I moved to an area with a lot of trees, and I needed something more powerful than what I had. Has not disappointed. Several trees went down in the street after a big storm and

Husqvarna 450

Latest review: Saw was OK when new but now is a problem. Starts ok when cold, not when hot. Due to the single nut bar tightening used on this saw it is not possible to keep the bar from retracting. This causes the

Makita EA3201S

Latest review: I have had this saw for about 18 months. It starts within two to three pulls and runs well. The only problem I have with it is that it breaks the e-clip that retains the chain drive sprocket and

Shindaiwa 488 / 488P

Latest review: I own 2 shindaiwa 488s. I love them. Been cutting for 20 years with them. Keep fresh gas in them and they will run forever. Best overall chain saw that was ever made in my humble opinion. I live

Stihl MS 880 Magnum

Latest review: It is easy enough to start although I feel the cord is a bit short and I keep pulling it right to the end which must shorten the cord life. I bought this to replace the loss of my 090 I do not think

Echo CS-310ES

Latest review: First timer for a chainsaw, researched the reviews then decided to buy this model. Very user friendly even for the first timer. Because it is easy to start, smart design for the chain tension

Shindaiwa 285S / 352S

Latest review: Bought a 352s in 2007 and have it used it continually since... I heat with wood. I have had no trouble with it and its lightweight , for me, 83 years. Still going strong. The saw that is. I would

Echo CS-420ES

Latest review: I have wines one of these for 6 years. My previous saw for 25 years was a stihl. This is no match for the stihl in any way. Have had to replace two sprockets in 6 years and almost due for


Latest review: Starts easy, cuts like a beast and outshines plenty of saws 7-10x the price. Engine size chews the gas a bit and it goes through bar oil a bit more liberally than other saws but I had read that in

Stihl MS 362 / 362 C-M

Latest review: Have brought 2 in the past two and a half years. I have been using chainsaws for 17+ years professionally and have never blown any motors until I brought these two - 362-c and 362-cm. I have rebuilt

Stihl MS 251 Wood Boss

Latest review: Unstoppable. Super easy to start. Power to burn. Have used and abused it for close to 6 years. Have cut tree roots in the ground, railway sleepers, termite filled trees etc etc. cleaned up sharpened

Stihl MS 261 / MS 261 C-Q / MS 261 C-M / MS 261 C-MQ

Latest review: Great saw, cuts aussie hardwood like a ninja, chuck norris would use this chainsaw as a beard trimmer or toothbrush... wish i'd purchased this saw years ago...cut 2 years worth of wood in an hour,

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