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Bayer Advocate

Latest review: Applied on shoulder blades of my papillon puppy and it is hurting his skin! Hes scratching, trying to rub off the poison on the couch, running around non stop trying to get it off and cant sit still

Bayer Advantage for Cats

Latest review: Bought large cat dose, purple type. She's had 2 doses in 5 weeks & still has flees. It simply doesn't work on

Bayer Advantage for Dogs

Latest review: We put on as directed about 2 hours later, our dog shiztu bichon became agitated, running, rolling, panting, scratching, crying and no appetite drinks when water is put in front of him, this is now 3

Bayer Advantix for Dogs

Latest review: Great product and works perfect for my Bulldog. I don't understand why this product has bad reviews. My Bulldog got attacked by flies on his ears and nothing worked but this product! I used sprays

Bayer Profender

Latest review: The female has a large bald spot on the back of her neck where the medicine was applied. The male is lethargic and in some pain but this could be a result of the vaccines as well. The large dose

Bayer Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: Our 3 y.o GSP is still recovering after taking the tablet 3 days ago. Initially she vomited then cried and had massive bursts of energy we couldn’t settle her. Then has been almost impossible to r

Bayer Drontal Cat Allwormer

Latest review: My cat is now falling over :-( and looking extremely unwell. Will be up all night keeping a check on her

Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

Latest review: Hi just want to add to my initial review of this product. Although it is effective, I was recently advised by my vet that the chemicals in it are from the 70s and are highly toxic pesticides which

Bayer Drontal Chewables

Latest review: I have tried twice now to get these 'chewable' tablets down my dogs' throats and no way will they eat them. Not even when they are covered in mince or ground down and mixed with egg and sugar!