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Coles Smart Buy Clumping

Latest review: Great product! After my cat is done it will clump together and make it easy for me to remove it. However I will say you must fill the litter box half way otherwise you will struggle cleaning the

Coles Complete Balance

Latest review: This dog food is loved...but not by my dogs (who leave it). It’s the big black ants who swarm over it who love i

Coles Premium Dog Roll

Latest review: since you changed from wet and now it is like sand my dog is will not eat it all the way it is now I have put them in the rubbish because my dogs will not eat it at all you should go back to when

Coles Adult Canned Cat Food

Latest review: fussy cat eats 2 spoons of this incomplete feed with her dry feed daily. She refuses to eat so many things but will gladly eat coles adult canned cat food. the quality is not great but the low

Coles Smart Buy Canned Cat Food

Latest review: My cats have had to suffer with this brand for a week. They have not touched it. They are fed a pouch each daily.. Sniff it and walk off. Then cry for the rest of the day :( It smells awful and does

Coles Complete Cuisine

Latest review: This is arguably the worst cat food on the market. Not all Coles products are bad. Coles' fresh meat for cats and dogs is well priced and liked by my cat. It underlines the fact that cats can't read

Coles Cat Litter Crystal

Latest review: This litter is ok as it absorbes smells really well. However it is a struggle to clean as it does not clump the cats extractions together. It hurts the cats

Coles Paper

Latest review: This is a relatively cheap cat litter but it is an unusual texture and takes some getting used to. My cat does not mind it though. This is a cheaper type of cat litter and you can easily find it at

Coles Premium Clumping

Latest review: This was a very good litter a couple of years ago. The price was slightly cheaper and it was pleasantly scented and clumped very well. Then one week, we went to stock up as usual, there were none on

Coles Complete Cuisine Cat Food

Latest review: My wife and I bought this cat food to give it a shot to see if our cat liked it as much as he does the Aldi dry cat food, he has strange preferences! Nope. He ate half a packet and the next morning