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Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Dogs

Latest review: Our dog had no ill effects after using this product. We used as instructed and he has had no issue with fleas since using. We’re pleased with results and c

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Cats

Latest review: I always buy advantage but was short on cash and went to woolies and bought Purina on the spot flea control. Last night I noticed my 13 year old female cat really itching and biting her fur looking

Total Care Tasty Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: I bought this product 2 times, thinking that the bad effect it had on my dog was just a 1 off and that my dog may have been slightly under weather before commencing this treatment, but second time

Total Care Chocolate Worming Treatment for Dogs

Latest review: I've been administering other brands of worming tablets/chews for years and decided to try the chocolate worming treatment and it's fantastic! My pooch chewed the treatment immediately without any

Total Care Purina

Latest review: Flows out of tube fine. Not lots of lather but enough. Smells great. Goid price. Happy with product. Tube is easier to use than a

Total Care Allwormer Worming Paste for Cats

Latest review: I attempted to give this directly into my cats mouth. She hacked and spat it out. Ok option 2 mix in food, I put it in her favorite food 'Friskies' she took one sniff and refused to eat it. So I

Total Care Heartworm and Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: I love the simplicity of giving a single chew that even my picky boxer likes to eat so that means no more messy cream cheese but 3 monthly would be

Total Care Pyrethrins Flea Powder

Latest review: Followed the directions exactly as on the packaging in applying this to my kitten. Not only did he completely stop eating or drinking, but began shaking uncontrollably and nearly died. Judging by the