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Advance Premium Dry Dog Food

Latest review: My dog ‘golden retriever’ got sick and ended at vet. Directly related to the food. Vet showed an article and recommended to stay away from this brand. I took the food to pet barn and was placed for te

Pedigree Dental Dog Treats

Latest review: My dog loves the Dentastix but when I gave him one, he would drool puddles and seemed anxious or uncomfortable, as if he had nausea. I stopped giving him Dentastix and he no longer drools

Pedigree Wet Dog Food in a Can

Latest review: This is my go to canned food when I run out of home cooked food normally chicken and rice but more importantly it dose not upset their tummy which I have found a couple of other brands

Pedigree Puppy Milk

Latest review: It smells great and my puppy loves it. Will buy more as she continues to grow. Seems to be doing her good and I use it as a morning tea

Advance Premium Dry Cat Food

Latest review: We recently adopted a kitten and were recommended to use the same brand as the one he was using with his carer to facilitate his adaptation. Well that was a huge success, first thing he did when he

Pedigree Dry Dog Food

Latest review: My Toy Poodle likes this food...but I don't. Contains BHA as the antioxidant (a known carcinogen) bought a bag of this once, found out about the BHA, and threw away never to buy again....if MARS used

Advance Special Needs Wet Dog Food in a Can

Latest review: I bought several slabs of this food , recommended to me by my vet. I bought 3 different flavours. My 3 dogs wont touch it. Contacted the company to get some clarification as to why they wouldn't

Advance Premium Wet Cat Food in a Tray

Advance Premium Wet Dog Food in a Can

Advance Special Needs Dry Dog Food

Advance Special Needs Dry Cat Food

Advance Premium Wet Cat Food in a Pouch