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HomeBrand Cat Litter

Latest review: I have used this litter for 2 years now and it was great but it has suddenly changed. I agree with previous review from Val, doesn't clump well and leaves lots of little pieces scattered through the

Woolworths Essentials Clay Cat Litter

Latest review: I have one Burmese kitty and two jumbo trays in my bathroom/laundry for her. I used to buy expensive Breeder's Choice litter paper pellets for a few years - it just gets too stinky too quickly and

HomeBrand Dog Shampoo

Latest review: When i cant get to the the places i normally get my fur babies products from this is a fine replacement and does the gob needed however it would be different on every dog.

Woolworths Clumping Cat Litter

Latest review: Able to remove all residue simply as litter clumps absorbs all visible moisture. I clear tray daily and absolutely no residue odour or dust issues. I have been spending 5 times the money and not

Woolworths Select Adult Cat Food

Latest review: This product is waste of money as my non-fussy cat refuses to eat it, preferring to go hungry..I will not buy this

Woolworths Select Dry

Latest review: We have been using woolworths brand fig biscuits for a few years but recently our dogs had vomiting and diarrhea for a week.. we tried everything thinking it was another good product but after just

Woolworths Select Cat Litter Crystals

Latest review: Woolworths select crystals cat litter : letter to esther han smh: interesting article you wrote on unsafe products at woolies recently. I had my own conversation with a woolworths pet product