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Bayer Advocate

Latest review: Within 16 hours vomiting blood. Ended up with ibd still not right two years later. Plus over five thousand pounds in vet bills. Would never use again. Did notify bayer but claim never had this

Zoetis Revolution for Cats

Latest review: I have 7 cats of which I have used Revolution for. 4 of my cats are indoor only, the other 3 are outdoor only. They do not come in contact with each other at all. I noticed fleas on one of my indoor

Bayer Advantage for Cats

Latest review: Bought large cat dose, purple type. She's had 2 doses in 5 weeks & still has flees. It simply doesn't work on

Zoetis Revolution for Dogs

Latest review: Our Irish terrier was given a dose of the brown Revolution treatment, a smaller dose than recommended for his weight, to the back of his neck on Sunday afternoon and was fine until Tuesday morning

Bayer Advantage for Dogs

Latest review: Went to vet paid alot of $$ for the flea product. 5 months into treatment this is what my dog's stomach looks like. The last 3 weeks I sit beside her and I constantly coma with a sleek home I'm

Bayer Advantix for Dogs

Latest review: I never leave reviews, but I hope to save someone the heartache of missing their best friend. My dog is well within the weight limit (6 month cane corso) and has never had health issues. Very healthy

Bayer Profender

Latest review: Vet suggested a preventative deworming. It’s 3 AM and my two playful cats are now very sick. All balled up, not moving. Unresponsive. Been trying to wash this stuff off using dawn for dishes. Will

Bayer Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

Latest review: I wish I had read all these reviews first. 3 mini dachshunds vomiting 5 times and our mini poodle. Started vomiting after a couple of hours onwards. I will not be using this product

Bayer Drontal Cat Allwormer

Latest review: My cat is now falling over :-( and looking extremely unwell. Will be up all night keeping a check on her

Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

Latest review: Hi just want to add to my initial review of this product. Although it is effective, I was recently advised by my vet that the chemicals in it are from the 70s and are highly toxic pesticides which

Bayer Drontal Chewables

Latest review: I have tried twice now to get these 'chewable' tablets down my dogs' throats and no way will they eat them. Not even when they are covered in mince or ground down and mixed with egg and sugar!