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Fancy Feast Royale (Can)

Latest review: This cat food is so over priced !. I told our burping and farting furball that its now off the menu @ $1.90 a can and I will be eating it instead. The Mrs dared me, so I did and to my surprise, it

Catsan Crystals

Latest review: My kitty drinks a lot of water, so she goes to the bathroom A LOT! I found the Catsan Crystals work best for us. I find it covers the odours very well and does not need changing as often as some

Sashas Blend

Latest review: this is my 4th jar and the improvement from my dog is amazing. Still has a limp but he is so frisky it’s great. He’s 54 kg and eight years old, and now he jumps almost on my shoulders. Actually he ru

Heartgard 30 Plus

Latest review: My dog looks forward to her monthly heartgard, it's crazy. It's the only medication that we've never had problems with. she thinks it's a

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Feline

Latest review: The vet suggested that we begin feeding our cat t/d dental mix as he was starting to show signs of gingivitis. The biscuits are larger than most other cat biscuits we've tried in the past. My cat can

Catsan Ultra Clumping

Latest review: We have three cats and have been using Catsan Litter for more than 10 years. The clump absorbs a lot of cat urine and didnt release any big smell. Its so easy for us to clean up the litter as the

Elanco Comfortis

Latest review: Have used this product for over a year and my dog is still affected by fleas. Have taken him to the vet and they also recommended this brand but it doesn't seem to be

Epi-Otic Skin and Ear Cleaner

Latest review: Have used this on my Staffy cross and also my Shepherd puppy, it does a great job cleaning the ears and removing wax and debris. I also find it has quite a pleasant smell. This is the product of

Novartis Capstar Tablets

Latest review: My 4 year old healthy cat had a severe reaction to Capstar (which was administered by the vet) before we left the vet's parking lot. He first starting yowling very very loud and frantically

Mavlab Nature’s Answer Powder

Latest review: My 7yr old GSD was getting a bit stiff after long walks , so after some research i tried this and wow , after two weeks he has no stiffness and is like a puppy again , a bonus too is his coat is so

Chandler Pet Litter

Latest review: Ive been using this 12yrs for 1 cat. It realy absorbs smell. Lasts a lot longer than is whats recommend in packet. Very easy to clean. A few stray bits of litter seem to get out the tray but its not

Sentinel Spectrum

Latest review: Our bigger dog 50 lbs is very lethargic and not acting her normal self. Our little dog 10lbs has had bad diarrhea and extremely lethargic. Neither dog is acting

Dermcare-Vet Aloveen

Latest review: I purchased this on advice from a staff member at a pet store as my dog had a rash and was itching frequently. Her skin was very irritated and it seemed like not much was helping. The AloVeen

Eukanuba Puppy Formula

Latest review: My wolfie pup is a hungry growing girl and once we switched to eukanunba puppy she is eating less and growing at a great rate. She loves the

Royal Canin Mini Junior

Latest review: My little daughter has been having this for about 3 months or so and she loves it and now she has been gaining weight quite significantly which I need to start control her a bit together with her

Whiskas Oh So...

Latest review: The feed does not contain any grains or cheap fillers though has a lot of gravy. The chunks are processed from mainly offal. The terribly fussy cat loves it though and demolishes the

Meals For Mutts

Latest review: We have been buying 2.5kg Turkey Salmon and Sardine and our puppy loved it until we decided to purchase a 20kg bag and that was a nightmare, our pup had diarrhea - yellow color (which showed liver

Optimum Puppy

Latest review: My 6 month golden retriever puppy loves these bikkies. We used to buy her the Black Hawk puppy bikkies which she ate but she would never eat them as soon as I put her food out. She would leave it

Supercoat Sensitive

Latest review: I have been feeding my Shepherd for over 3 years with supercoat haven’t found a problem with it she is active and is gaining weight. We also have a 10 mth old kelpie who has been brought up on it as w

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

Latest review: You are able to buy the prime kangaroo and sweet potato from City farmers in Bunbury so I would think you could get it from any city farmers store. I am triballing my dog with this as he suffers from

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