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Optimum Adult Small-Breeds

Latest review: This food claims to benefit dogs health in a lot of different ways and was the very reason I was trailing this on my Toy Poodle x Havanese...however I discovered that they use BHA and BHT as the

Whiskas Milk Plus

Latest review: We have a orental cat 14 yrs old. He loves his milk plus but since I have been giving him this I find that he has stoped eating his wet food. He has royal canin dry food so I am hoping with both

Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews

Latest review: I saw an advertisement on television for the new Purina Dentalife sticks for dogs and thought they must be of better quality than the Pedigree ones which make my dog vomit. Unfortunately not. Within

Bayer Advocate

Latest review: Within 16 hours vomiting blood. Ended up with ibd still not right two years later. Plus over five thousand pounds in vet bills. Would never use again. Did notify bayer but claim never had this

Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs

Latest review: I gave my 5-year-old cat a tablet and decided after 10 min just to check on internet the signs to look for that it was working. After reading a few very negative reviews my cat started to display the

FURminator Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

Latest review: Amazing and magical for my german shepard, takes all the loose hair off effectively and well worth the money, much more effective than

Zoetis Revolution for Cats

Latest review: I purchased a 6 pack, it has not met our expectations, not only did it not kill all the fleas as stated In the description, but less than 2 weeks after treatment I have had to treat all 3 cats

Bayer Advantage for Cats

Latest review: Bought large cat dose, purple type. She's had 2 doses in 5 weeks & still has flees. It simply doesn't work on

Advance Premium Dry Dog Food

Latest review: My dog ‘golden retriever’ got sick and ended at vet. Directly related to the food. Vet showed an article and recommended to stay away from this brand. I took the food to pet barn and was placed for te

Fido's Everyday Shampoo

Latest review: After only 2 washes my dog's healthy coat was left dry, scaly and itchy. It smells nice and lathers up well, but whatever is in the ingredients it's clearly harsh

Vetalogica Canine Tranquil Formula

Latest review: Excellent product. I tried everything from the vet to calm my nervous cat. Stumbled across these biscuits at the pet shop and have never looked

Zoetis Revolution for Dogs

Latest review: Our Irish terrier was given a dose of the brown Revolution treatment, a smaller dose than recommended for his weight, to the back of his neck on Sunday afternoon and was fine until Tuesday morning

Purina One Cat

Latest review: My cat love this product very much. At first my cat eat only Chiken flavor,but after tried fish taste ,she love it so much! Also other Neigbour ‘s cat often want to eat that food and come to our h

Bayer Advantage for Dogs

Latest review: Applied to two of my dogs. One got some relief for two weeks, the other scratched continually, red skin, allergic reaction. Cats were just as bad. Do not buy it at

Supercoat Adult Dog Food

Latest review: Just one smell and look of it says it all no smell and dry as a bone, my dogs arent stupid took one bite and started to cough ,australia needs to regualte pet food industry so they will stop lying,

V.I.P. Petfoods Dog Rolls

Latest review: My dog loves your food but I'm just curious to know what the actual benefits are of her eating you VIP dog roll? And little concerned that one of them contains garlic?? I thought that was poisonous

Nexgard Spectra

Latest review: My 3 month old St Bernard x Wolfhound was covered in fleas when we got her. We first used powder and flea bombs in the house with good result but only eliminated around 80-95% of the fleas. Our

Wahl KM-2 Two Speed Rotary Motor

Latest review: I have been grooming for 16years, I started with Km2 and I’m still using km2. I have tried others over the years & they either get too hot are too noisy or are too heavy. I find servicing and m

Snappy Tom Crystal Clean

Latest review: I have a lot of rescues and fosters coming in and out of my house. Very few don't like crystals. Mosts never have an issues with the original or the lavender. It actually does last about 3-4 weeks

Nature's Gift Cat Wet Food

Latest review: My cat loves the pure chicken indulgence and it gives her a beautiful coat but I can't find this product anymore either. I used to regularly buy it from Woolworths but they no longer sell

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