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Tempur Ombracio

Latest review: I have been using this pillow now for 2 years. I purchased 2 for one. My neck problems are almost non existent. My only concern is that the pillow cases purchased with the pillows are too tight for

Tempur Millennium

Latest review: Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Worth every penny spent considering the better quality of sleep and reduced pressure and pain on my shoulder joints, shoulder blades and

Tempur Original

Latest review: I purchased this pillow 8 months ago and it is ruining my life! Having purchased cheaper pillows in the past after my beautiful latex pillow's life ended, I decided that forking out the extra money

Tempur Symphony

Latest review: I've had the Tempur Symphony pillow for a couple of years now. It is extremely supportive, no more tossing and turning during the night to re-adjust your normal pillow. I'm a side sleeper and this

Tempur Classic

Latest review: I have bought and tried several pillows before deciding this is the one. This pillow is fantastic, the middle is slightly lower than to perfectly cradle your head and the sides support your neck, it

Tempur Comfort Sensation

Latest review: Excellent pillow i have slept on cheap pillows for years but after having one nights sleep on this pillow i will buy it for my whole family. I have had neck problems and headaches before but this

Tempur Comfort

Latest review: We both find that these pillows are excellent to sleep on. Very comfortable and supportive. I very often had a stiff neck from previous pillows and had problems finding one that would be OK. Then