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Latest review: Just bought my replacement dunlopillo after 30 years so I guess I am hooked They are expensive but you only need 2 for a lifetime Simply the best latex pillow you can

Dunlopillo Therapillo

Latest review: I bought the pillow yesterday $160 because of the low profile and recommended for tummy sleepers. I tried the example in the shop for a few minuits and it was ok. However after about 30 minuits in

Dentons Medi Rest

Latest review: Side sleeper and cannot sleep without my Medi Rest. From day one too. Chiropractor recommend as I had a really bad neck problem and bad headaches at the time. Helped immensely at the time and it is

Dentons Multi Profile Contour

Latest review: I take this pillow everywhere I go. I've been using it for about 9 years and is probably well past time to replace it (I'm about to buy another online) but remarkably it has kept its shape so well

Dentons High Profile Contour

Latest review: I'm onto my 3rd Denton High Profile pillow, my 1st one lasted 3 years and started to feel too spongey in the centre (where the weight of your head lays), my 2nd one was stolen from a hotel and so now

Dentons Impressions Infinity

Latest review: I had the top 3 vertabrea in my spine compressed after a stroke. I feel this pillow has definitely helped with better night sleep and less pain in my neck. Sometimes when I sleep on the spare room I

Dentons Latex

Latest review: I tested it out at the store and it seemed to be ok. Unfortunately it’s hard to really know just how a pillow is until you sleep the whole night on it. I’ve had bad neck pain and a slight headache sin

Dentons Low Profile Contour

Latest review: I have used Denton's about 5 years ago, at that time they were simply the best available, but now are rubbish, I wasted $400.00 on 3 of these pillows and are truly disgusted in the quality!! they are

Dentons Anti Snore Therapeutic Pillow

Latest review: I purchased this pillow hoping it would reduce snoring but it had no effect at all. It was a complete waste of money & I am very disappointing that it was not able to even reduce