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Bright Starts Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1

Latest review: This is the best seat! So easy to use with clips in the front and chair clips for safety. The inserts all come out so really easy to clean and to adapt seat size for growing baby, so your toddler has

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Latest review: We loved using this seat, unfortunately we became naive and let our baby sit on the bench without holding onto the seat. It only took a second of being unwatched, but in that second he managed to

Bumbo Baby Seat

Latest review: My Grandson loved this Bumbo seat. We would use it to give him his meals while visiting us. He was able to be where ever we were and was able to be sitting up rather then laying down all the time. We

Love N Care Portebebe

Latest review: Great high chair that we have as a second at the grandparents house. Love the ability to raise and lower the height of the chair, to the point where A little toddler could climb in themselves if

Toosh Coosh Kids Support Seat

Latest review: This seat was recommended by a friend who is an occupational therapist. HOWEVER it only works of chairs with a perfectly flat, wide, hard surface. My chairs are leather and therefore the booster seat

Mamas & Papas Baby Bud

Latest review: Versatile booster seat that replaces the need for a Bumbo and or high chair. It's easy to clean, to take to restaurants and cafes and means your child can sit up at the table with everyone else; a

Bumbo Booster Seat

Latest review: We’ve moved on to it from ikea baby chair. I love it for the easy to clean, nice finish and variety of colors. As I can see now we have same problem as others. The side of it has cracked and I

Phil & Teds Lobster

Latest review: The chair and attachment parts work exactly as they should. I'm not sure what the point of the tray is as it doesn't attach to anything and ends up on the floor more often than not. The mesh sides

Little Beetle Baby

Latest review: Love this portable high chair, great for eating out and about or just to keep bubs entertained in one place for a while. It has clips to secure to the chair if the top pocket wont fit over a high

Phil & Teds Highpod

Latest review: We have twins and have used these high chairs from infancy until they turned three-and-a-half. They are adaptable, user-friendly, easy to keep clean, comfortable for the child, and aesthetically


Latest review: I used these for my twins who loved them. They could join us at any table and feel included. We originally purchased when we were going on holidays in New Zealand and were uncertain of the

Mountain Buggy Pod

Latest review: 7 month old happily sits in this at the kitchen bench. An ideal option as we have minimal space. Easy to clamp on, easy to transport and easy to wipe

InfaSecure Hi-Diner

Latest review: My 19 month old son gets restless and wants to sit on my lap at dinner time. We took this to a restaurant - it fit their chairs and he could eat at the table with our group. It was the first time I

The First Years Miswivel

Latest review: What a terrific little chair! Go anywhere, fit any chair. We use it without the tray so our 2 year old granddaughter sits at the table with us and she loves it. Very easy to wipe clean, extremely

The First Years Swing Tray

Latest review: I followed the instructions to put it together, I have found my son when he kicks his feet or moves around abit the "safety strap" comes out and he can fall and climb out, the safety strap is only

Childcare BooSti

Latest review: just bought this chair at Target for 25$, decided to buy this instead of Bumboo because bubby was too big for Bumboo. It has the same material as Bumboo!! so why spend 89$? at first I was afraid

Sack'n Seat

Latest review: We just went to holiday and this sack seat is light to carry around and she is securely fasten on any chair at restaurants which doesn't have a proper high chair. Highly recommend this to my

Roger Armstrong Summer Booster to Toddler Seat

Latest review: This is perfect!! I can place this on the couch as well as the chair. My 4 month old sits very comfortable and secure in it. And you can take it with you on an outing!! It's great for homes with

Litaf Hang N Seat

Latest review: Great as a booster seat for older babies or young children that can sit-up on their own. I'd also only recommend this for feeding time to someone with a baby that eats by his/herself as it's not

Brica Fold 'N Go

Latest review: My 8 month old son falls sideways and forwards. Crotch strap area is not high enough, barely covers nappy area. Very disappointed. I would not recommend this product. I will keep it and see if it is

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