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BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer

Latest review: I had been looking for a secure toilet seat for a while, and had tried a few and they would just slip and move all over the place and I wasn't happy having my son sit on any of them on his own, not

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

Latest review: This potty chair came highly recommended and I couldn't agree more. The chair design is very simple offering great back support as well as a bowl that is easily removed. This makes cleaning the potty

BabyBjorn Smart

Latest review: I had orignally looked at getting the highback babybjorn seat but when i saw this one next to it in the shops i thought it was just what we needed. I liked the idea of the stability and simplicity of

Baby U Potette Plus

Latest review: In 5 years mothers have been recommending the Pocket Potty Pro to other mothers so that they too can enjoy the stress free factor of being able to 'potty' their loved one on their demand

Baby U Cushie Traveller

Latest review: It’s great, well padded, convenient, has a travel bag. It just feel like it’s going to collapse even though it can’t physically because the flaps are hinged the other way. It doesn’t always fit secur

Baby U Cushie Step Up

Latest review: As a first time toilet trainer, this seat appealed as it looked comfy and practical. However, I have found that is not the case. The seat sits up too high, so unless you train your son to push it

Baby U Cushie Tushie Padded

Latest review: Not a bad potty trainer. Soft and I bought ours for the toilet seat for my 19 month old son. However I found it quite hard to clean and although they sell a hanger, you sort of hide it somewhere in