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Latest review: This actually has been the thing has has sorted out my son's toilet training. He was fine for poos but would always wee in his pants. I could see it was uncomfortable for him to sit on the potty or

Babymoov Frog Cushion

Latest review: Nice to sit on but wee seaps between the plastic structure and the padded seat over time and the only way to between it is to pull out the little plastic caps on the screws and take it apart and the

Baby U Cushie Step Up

Latest review: As a first time toilet trainer, this seat appealed as it looked comfy and practical. However, I have found that is not the case. The seat sits up too high, so unless you train your son to push it

Fisher-Price My Potty Friend

Latest review: Was having absolutely no success with toilet training till we purchased this Potty. My son just loved it and of course wanted to use it straight away. Well on our way to no nappies for 3 weeks now!

Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 Pottee

Latest review: I used this potty for my daughter and loved the fact that I could introduce the potty early on and then put the same seat on the toilet. I actually found the seat stayed on the toilet well, but she

Baby U Cushie Tushie Padded

Latest review: Not a bad potty trainer. Soft and I bought ours for the toilet seat for my 19 month old son. However I found it quite hard to clean and although they sell a hanger, you sort of hide it somewhere in

Chicco Soft Toilet Trainer

Latest review: This one looks exactly the same as the Mothercare one which I have. My little girl toilet trained using this seat. While it is very good, i.e. stable, nice soft seat, and handles to grip, it is awful

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3 in 1

Latest review: I really hate this potty. The cushy seat is just a giant pee and water sponge. With a girl I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad, but with a boy that sprays forwards when they pee it saturates the bottom of

Roger Armstrong Primo 4 in 1 PM2398

Latest review: Ah where to begin? as a step it's unstable, I emailed them about this thinking perhaps mine was somehow faulty and got a reply that this is how it's ment to be, so no good for encouraging independent

Roger Armstrong Freedom Trainer

Latest review: It is tricky to use for my son as it is very unstable. I took off the ladder and am now just using the seat, but it keeps sliding when i put him on:( It was pretty cheap from Kmart, but I still feel

Litaf Seat A Kid

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