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Ryobi 18V One+ Line Trimmer OLT1830

Latest review: I have wanted to go battery on the mower and wipper snippet for a while. The Ryobi was at a good price at Bunnings, so I invested in one. It's nice and light, has plenty of power for a normal sized

Ryobi 18V One+ RBL1850S

Latest review: Good sized blower that is powerful enough to do most jobs around the home. Fits all your One+ 18v batteries in the range. The Good: Blows a decent breeze, light weight unit. Good value for its

Ryobi RCD1802 18v One+

Latest review: Four years old and has had quite a lot of use. Still working well, although the chuck head seems to have developed a little bit of looseness where it meets the drill body. The only real complaint I

Ryobi Silent Shredder RSH2445T

Latest review: I have previously owned a decent petrol powered chipper/shredder that I put a lots of stuff through but decided this time I wanted something quieter and simpler. The Ryobi does a great job, as other

Ryobi 18V One+ Pole Pruner OPP1820

Latest review: The saw has only been used for several minutes and it leaking the bar and chain oil down the pole. Very annoying. Back to Bunnings. We are in the country with our closest store an hour

Ryobi 18V One+ OED1850

Latest review: Does the job and with ease cuts good being battery powered nice and street easy to handle easy to use. Defo worth the money as having 18v drill I didn’t need the battery p

Ryobi RCS5145N

Latest review: The little easy to use(safe) chainsaw another addition to our Ryobi fleet. Great for modest branches and even light firewood. Always amazed what it does with little effort, Sometimes I think NO Way

Ryobi Slide Compound Mitre Saw EMS254RG

Latest review: I have been using the Ryobi Mitre saw for about 6 months now for home DIY and furniture projects. I have found it is really good value for money. It is easy to set-up, use and cuts straight. The

Ryobi 36V Hedge Trimmer RHT3600

Latest review: Easy to use Lightweight, but plenty of power. 36 volt battery interchangeable with other products in their range. Great after sales service. Goes well with other products from your he range we have

Ryobi 1000 / 2000W Inverter

Latest review: Replacement for a noisy and inefficient older Ryobi genset. Works well and saves a lot of fuel with the smart throttle. In 5 months it will save its purchase cost. Sometimes decides to shut down

Ryobi RMT1801

Latest review: Have had this from 2014 which you would think 5 years is good but when I have only used it about 30 times all up for minor bits and pieces areound the home it’s a waste of money. I have relatively n

Ryobi RBV3600/RBV3650

Latest review: The blower vac worked reasonably well from purchase in 2015 until I needed a new battery. A new battery from Bunnings is $299. I can purchase a new kit for $449 from Bunnings. I also purchased a

Ryobi EBS800 / EBS800V Belt

Latest review: I bought the Ryobi EBS800 several years ago. I bought it to replace a old fashioned unit made largely from metal. I've hated it since day one. I used it to sand Jarrah flooring. Anyone who knows

Ryobi 1500W Electric Edger RED1520G

Latest review: Returned it to Bunnings for a full refund as they do not stock replacement cutter blade. This will be removed from their shelves. but good service from staff and spare parts

Ryobi 26cc 2 Stroke RLT26CDSN

Latest review: I struggled with this line trimmer for three years. Apart for a lot of vibration, starting this machine was a nightmare. It is now where it belongs, the scrap heap. I wouldn’t recommended it to a

Ryobi RSH2445B

Latest review: This machine is certainly not a mulcher, jams consistently .Spend more time cleaning than using, had an old Rover muncher previously, wish I had kept that. Very disappointed as Ryobi has a good

Ryobi RBV2400ES

Latest review: Had a blower sucker for 20 years, did the job, having this blower is like taking a Elephant gun to hunt Quail, over size, over weight. too noisy and leaves more leafs then it picks

Ryobi RBJ254N

Latest review: My old Masters 909 blower finally died and I needed a replacement, something not cheap, but on the other hand something not out of my price range. Came across the Ryobi RBJ254N blower for just $144.

Ryobi 36V Edger RED3600

Latest review: This is sooo much easier to use than a whipper snipper for the driveway and gutters. It gives a nicer finish than a whipper snipper too. Easy to clean, it’s not heavy (even with the battery on) as t

Ryobi RBL42BPN

Latest review: As a handyman/gardener, buying one of these has been a godsend. What used to be hard work has now turned into easily removing leaves and other debris. It comfortable to wear, its robust, its easy to

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