Pressure Cookers

A necessity in the kitchen for any busy household, pressure cookers are an investment in money, health and time. They reduce cooking time and use less energy and water, helping you save money on your energy and water bills. If you're hard pressed for time, you can still enjoy fast and healthy home-cooked meals with a pressure cooker. We have several filters to help you choose the best pressure cooker for you:


Electric or Stovetop? If you really want to set and forget your cooking, choose an Electric pressure cooker as you won't have to worry about turning off the stove or adjusting the heat. For more control over your cooking and power, choose a Stovetop pressure cooker.

Not sure what size pressure cooker you want or need? As a rough guide, 5 litres will be adequate for 3 people. Add 1 litre for each additional person. Bear in mind that you can only fill about two thirds of a pressure cooker as you need to leave room for it to bubble and simmer.

Have any other preferences like a searing function, dishwasher safe parts for convenience or a specific colour? Experiment with our filters to find the best pressure cooker for you!