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A2 Platinum Premium

Baby FormulasA2 Platinum Premium · includes 4 listings

4.3 from 381 reviews

A2 Platinum Premium offers a nutritionally complete diet for your baby or toddler, with the added health benefits of pure and natural A2 milk being the cherry on top.

  • Hassle-free preparation

  • Gentle on your child's tummy

  • Tastes good

  • More expensive than most formulas

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A2 Full Cream

MilkA2 Full Cream

4.0 from 42 reviews

Latest review: Beware this milk gives me cramps, have tried full cream and light version. Try it and if you feel the same then you know it doesn’t suit you. Stay h

A2 No Fat

MilkA2 No Fat

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: My whole family really enjoy this milk as it does not upset our stomach. It is low in fat and it taste really good. WE recommended this A2 milk to our family and friends overseas and they fall in

A2 Light

MilkA2 Light

4.0 from 7 reviews

Latest review: A2 milk just doesn't taste as good as regular milk. That A2 / A1 protein marketing rubbish means nothing and doesn't really mean anything IMHO. I will drink any milk except for this