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Asko D5436

Latest review: Our last three dishwashers were all the same brand, but this time we switched to ASKO. It was highly recommended by my Mum and a friend who have each had theirs over 15 year. I was looking for

Asko D5456SS / D5456WH

Latest review: This dishwasher did not work properly from Day 1. When we set it and went out it was still going 6 hours later when we got home, just kept resetting, cycle stopped after a few minutes and it would

Asko D5424

Latest review: Totally frustrated by the operation and Asko service provided . After getting this 4 year old dishwasher serviced ( no real service provider in regional Victoria.) nothing comes out clean. I've tried

Asko D5646SS

Latest review: We bought this when we built a house and ever since we've been happily using. Never have any problems at all to date. Very quiet, does a great job. I found it easier to load the dishes, cups and

Asko W8844XL / W8844XL ECO

Latest review: Ah the Asko front loader. If ever a love hate relationship existed with a mechanical product this might be it. I want this machine to be great, I really do. Alas. It's a great machine. I purchased

Asko W6564

Latest review: I love my washing machine. I have had it for about 5 years now and it has never let me down. I even brought a second one for home. It spins the clothes almost dry and i also love how the rubber ring

Asko W6884 Eco

Latest review: 6 years old and mother board blew for no reason, if I wanted to fix it, the cost be over $8oo & I can buy a new machine for that

Asko D5546FI / D5546XXLFI

Latest review: Bought a new dishwasher and have problems with the control board,because of moisture the panels don't work properly.Very poor. The dishwasher does not even start and it's only 3 years old. Surely

Asko T753C / T754C

Latest review: Paid quite a lot for this brand. Both the drier and both washing machines have had continuous problems and have not lasted. Would not recommend, may have been good in the past but unreliable

Asko T784CHP

Latest review: Purchased dryer in June 2013. I am having major issues with the dryer not drying and also bearing noises which are very loud. I thought this would last. I also purchased an Asko washing machine

Asko T754CHP

Latest review: It is not the quietest due to it being a heat pump however, I don't have mould or fluff in my laundry and my electricity bill seems to be the same in winter then in summer. It is still quieter than a

Asko OP8687

Latest review: After the oven that came with our house finally died we decided to look at a quality replacement. After looking at many different brands we settled on the ASKO. A range of different functions and

Asko T410HD

Latest review: Wow I dont know why I didn't buy this dryer earlier I put all of our wet clothes in the dryer so far hasn't shrunk a thing yet. It's easy to maintain takes no more then 5 minutes to clean the heat

Asko HI1774

Latest review: There were very few to choose from In this size as I also wanted a 760cm oven. I was so pleased to find an Asko one and I have been very impressed. That said I believe the model has been

Asko D5546XXLFI

Latest review: If you want a dishwasher that is a quality product, that looks amazing,whisper quiet and cleans dishes 100% of the time, then buy this dishwasher! As soon as you open the door, the light show begins!

Asko OCS8676S

Latest review: Purchased the Asko Pro Series 5 but the software would not function as expected due to changes not advised in the manual. Contacted Asko. National Cooking Products Manager came out, inspected the

Asko OCS8456S

Latest review: This is a versatile oven - steams nicely but still browns potatoes well (as a normal oven). Really like the menu system - intuitive and easy to get around using a combination of the dial and touch

Asko CI4176S

Latest review: I am very impressed at how quietly this unit operates. It looks great and does everything it is supposed to. We usually operate it on Speed 1 (of 3) and it extracts all pan smoke comfortably. Lights

Asko W4086

Latest review: This machine has a wide range of settings to suit every type of clothing and includes the options of:- An extra rinse A cycle where you can select the total run time to fit your schedule, and it

Asko D5536FI

Latest review: It does a great job cleaning, but sometimes the soap doesnt dissolve and I need to send it on a double run. I love the integrated element, and its really not noisy which is great in a happening

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