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Ausclimate NWT Medium 20L WDH-716DE-20R
  • Award Winner 2022
5.0 from 54 reviews

The AusClimate NWT Medium 20L high-capacity dehumidifier can remove up to 20 litres of moisture per day for rooms up to 30m², and is ideal for temperatures of 5-32°C.

Outstanding dehumidifying abilities
Removes up to 20L of moisture daily
User-friendly - quiet and portable
AusClimate Cool Seasons
  • Award Winner 2022
  • 2021

AusClimate Cool Seasons

 · includes 3 listings
4.9 from 58 reviews

AusClimate Cool Seasons dehumidifiers use desiccant technology, which effectively dries the air in cool, low-humidity climates just as well as it does in hot, humid climates.

Works great in cold climates
Suitable for large rooms
Excellent at removing condensation
Ausclimate NWT Large 35L WDH-930DA
4.9 from 39 reviews

The $599 Ausclimate NWT Large is ideal for removing humidity in warmer climates ranging from 20-32°C. It can remove up to 35 litres of water daily, in spaces of up to 50m².

Highly effective dehumidification
Prevents mould growth
Eliminates musty smells
Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L

Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L

 · includes 2 listings
4.9 from 28 reviews

The Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L is the brand’s smallest offering of compressor dehumidifier. It’s suitable for rooms sized 20m², including boats, caravans and laundries.

Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L WDH-070EBP

With an impressive ability to remove up to 50 litres of moisture a day, the $849 Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons is a compressor dehumidifier that’s ideal for large, humid rooms.

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Ausclimate NWT All Seasons 35L WDH-930EDH
4.3 from 7 reviews

Latest review: Very noisy but unable to compare as have not used other systems. Great that it has the option to have drain directly to a drain and not only the tank. I've run it now in a room 6m X 6m and emptied

AusClimate NWT Medium+ 25L WDH-1920EA
5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: With the recent consistent rain in Sydney, I had some serious humidity and mold issues around the house. After using this, I could not believe how much water it extracted! Don't waste your money on

AusClimate NWT Compact+ 16L WDH-316DB
No reviews yet