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Avanti Art Deco Espresso

Latest review: I purchased the Avanti Art Deco Espresso Maker 10 Cup ten days ago. Today as I was cleaning it, the little handle on the mesh insert broke off. It is very flimsy and poorly designed, so much so

Avanti Art Deco Luxury Oil Can

Latest review: I have been a big fan of Avanti kitchen items but the stainless oil can is rubbish. I have to stand it on a saucer in my pantry when not in use. It makes a mess every time I use

Avanti X-Fit1

Latest review: Best machine I have owned. Had this machine for almost 3 years now and it has been the most reliable unit I have ever owned. I have owned 2 machines prior to this, a York one and a Healthstream one

Avanti Go Cup Double Wall Insulated

Latest review: I have tried many so-called "keep-hot" coffee cups and this is the best of the best, in my opinion! My home-made coffee kept quite hot for nearly an hour whilst I was drinking it, so I'm sure it

Avanti Varese Whistling Kettle 2.5L

Latest review: We have had this kettle for 2 months and don't regret our purchase. The whistle is strong and reliable and it's great to be able to open the spout with one hand. The construction is very solid with

Avanti Momentum Series T3

Latest review: The T3 has one of the best feels of a treadmill i have ever experienced. When you compare it to treadmills with simmillar spect it wins on price, motor warranty and overall durability. I would

Avanti Art Deco Add & Weight

Latest review: Love the style and the looks of the whole device. The size of the machine is enough to weigh reasonable sized packages and foods. will stick with this brand for a while A great kitchen scale it has a

Avanti Nouveau

Latest review: Bought my mum one then got myself one because it looks smashing but far more importantly it doesn't leak when pouring and it brews tea well and retains the heat. Never written a review in my life but

Avanti Mondo

Latest review: I had the small teapot given to me as a gift quite a few years ago, it had a problem after a short time with leaking where the spout joined the bowl. I contacted the makers and they replaced it with

Avanti 928S

Latest review: I have had a 928 for the last 3 years and I can honestly say this is the best purchase i have ever made. The overall comfort of this machine has meant I have been training more than ever and feeling

Avanti 069

Latest review: my overall thoughts are this is a great product for some one who is looking to shred fat or just get your fitnes up a bit.i probably wouldnt recomend it to people who are super fit and looking for a

Avanti AT480

Latest review: We bought a second hand Avanti AT480 after the rep at the shop said "buy one of these they never break"! and yes, that was years ago now and I can't fault the machine. I ran in this machine a few

Avanti X-Fit2

Latest review: I am very happy with it is so easy to use it also has great back just a phone call away a very good buy i would recommend to my family and

Avanti Cafe Sleek

Latest review: I've got the same teapot and love it. From time to time it does the push out the spout as described in one of the other posts but I have found that a light clean around the underside of the lid

Avanti Tea Perfection

Latest review: This is a lovely little teapot with the great infuser that you can lift up when you've got the right brew strength. I love using it however having bought two of them (one for work, one for home)

Avanti Montari

Latest review: I bought this bike for my mother to use - she wished to join myself and other family members in riding light trails and for personal fitness, and as she has not ridden a bike for many years and we

Avanti Veggie Spiretti

Latest review: Completely useless. Can only put a tiny amount in at a time and even then, the vegetable turns into pulp. Not sure how this product was allowed on the market to begin

Avanti Food Mincer

Latest review: I bought one. It was cheap. Should have known better. First time I used it the rotor deflected onto the inside of the barrel and shaved off aluminium. Should have taken it back, but so disgusted

Avanti Mango Cutter

Latest review: Avanti Mango Cutter is not working at all.. i tried it with small, medium and big mangoes but still hard to use it..it is not sharp and the mango can't be cut with this Avanti mango cutter!!, it

Avanti Momentum Series X-Fit T280

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