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Bellini Air Fryer BTDF950

Latest review: The product very easy to use and close clean . I use it almost 2-4 times a week. I would recommend this product to everyone I know. Great investment . I will purchase one for my

Bellini BTGW845

Latest review: Purchased this just under 2 months ago and worked great to begin with but after about a month the motor started to get louder and louder. Now I can't stand to use it because it so high

Bellini BGK100

Latest review: the kettle is great except theres no filter on spout like most other kettles ive bought just moved in to a new place and ants are finding their way in to the kettle only beef with

Bellini BTK615

Latest review: Bought this at first to make bottle of milk for my little girl at the right temperature, love using it, still going after 3yrs. Love that you can pick the temperature of heating the water for making

Bellini BDW86 Series

Latest review: Had the dishwasher for almost 2 years now and I remember being hesitant to buy at first because I wasn't sure about the brand. However I've had no problems at all. It does an excellent job of

Bellini 60cm Built-in Electric Oven

Latest review: Great unit for money. Does everything more expense ovens and cooktops do but at a much lower cost. Simple to use and very easy to clean. Fits into most kitchen models and every item is standard

Bellini BDW127 Series

Latest review: Purchased in November 2015 - did not last for even three years - product support also very poor. Lack of communication and no contact to advise the product could not be fixed. Also purchased the

Bellini Oven and Cooktop Pack BP470EC

Latest review: Built like rubbish, had oven glass explode, the elements have broken and the dials have warped. Sometimes after cooking for a while the dials are too hot to touch without a tea towel. Called customer

Bellini BTT780

Latest review: Control mechanism and toasting performance are great. After one week the handle used to push the toast down fell off. I have exchanged the unit for a new on (well done Target). However reading the

Bellini BBT100

Latest review: This stupid vegetable steamer leaked water onto the heating plated using its maiden voyage - burnt the heating plate out within 30 seconds, never switched on again. Suction seal was not glued

Bellini BI64T

Latest review: This is a great product. It is very economical to use, heats pots (including large pots) extremely fast. Best value so far! I only wish I experienced the benefits of induction cooking sooner.

Bellini 90cm Canopy CRHC9S01-F

Latest review: I have put this in at home and am very happy with it. The price was great I could not find one cheaper with the same specification looks great, fantastic price, quiet and with great

Bellini Oven and Cooktop Pack BP170EE

Latest review: Great package with good quality oven and benchtop. Oven has all the feature, grill, fan forced and top and bottomm elements. Cooktop has two large and two small elements that are well spaced.

Bellini BTGW930

Latest review: Machine blends really well. Excellent for making smoothies and blending veggies. Fantastic value for money - definitely worth over spending more on a NutriBullet. Very happy with our purchase and

Bellini BMW18

Latest review: Not anything different to your standard microwave but it’s been good so far. I have had it for about 2 months. And the microwave does heat the food evenly which i think is a must have for all m

Bellini Compact Flatbed Microwave Oven

Latest review: I find this microwave hard to use, however it’s manageable. The buttons just seem to be all really confusing and there’s a certain way to get them to work which I still don’t understand so I just use

Bellini Multifunction BTBM385

Latest review: l wanted to get healthy and make my own bread brought the Bellini as it was mid range l liked the look , its just a pain to set up and use it makes nice bread and also cakes and doughs but the

Bellini BDC302TG

Latest review: This is a 2 zone electric ceramic cook-top for a 1 bed unit in Sydney. Meant i didn't have to rewire due to the circuit rating and i had a built in oven installed as well. It looks smart and is easy

Bellini Supercook Kitchen Master BTMKM800X / BTMKM810X

Latest review: So this is the Bellini Super Cook with the “Yumi Control Module”. Purchased in NSW, 2017. Called Bellini and explained that I purchased it Christmas 2017 and pulled it out of the box this Christmas (

Bellini BOT608B-F

Latest review: These ovens are cheap. Easy to install yourself and work well. Very simple to use and still has all the qualities an oven should. Definitely would recommend to anyone. Great

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