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Bosch Serie 8 Freestanding Dishwashers

Latest review: It has been almost 3 years since I’ve gotten this dishwasher, and I am still amazed by how unbelievably quiet it is, so quiet that I have to get close to the unit to find out if it’s operating. With t

Bosch WAW28460AU

Latest review: This machine handles all types of washing with ease including heavy work clothes as well as sheets and delicates. It washes our clothes clean every time. Easily operated controls with excellent spin

Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwashers

Latest review: Installed on 4 July 2019 just in time for overseas visitors so perfectly timed to put this dishwasher through its paces. The fold down spikes in the upper and lower baskets makes placement of larger

Bosch Athlet

Latest review: We bought this vacuum January 2016. It performed great picking up all the pet hair etc. Problems: 1: Short battery life 2: Can't get under beds or low furniture 3: The handle snapped. After a year

Bosch Serie 4 Dishwashers

Latest review: This dishwasher replaced my old favourite and I love it the racks are easily folded down for bigger items, it’s not too noisy and it cleans to sparkle! I never have any food residue it’s easy to set w

Bosch Serie 2 SMS40E08AU

Latest review: Good dishwasher that cleans my dishes. First time owner of dishwasher, so unable to comment on how this compares. Seems to clean my dishes well, easy to use and have not had any issues with the

Bosch Serie 8 Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Latest review: This dryer performed well initially, but drying time has increased to the point where it is not fit for purpose. 2 technician callouts, both indicating nothing is wrong. Nothing has changed with

Bosch WAK24160AU

Latest review: We now have 4 of the Bosch front loading washing machines and found them very reliable. They are economical to use ans always seem to have the perfect cycle to select. Yes there are several models

Bosch WAN22120AU

Latest review: 4 months in. It's quiet, washes clean, is easy to operate and is low water/ energy use. Its easy on the clothes, has both hot and cold options and doesn't make too much

Bosch Serie 8 Built-in Ovens

Latest review: Bought this oven along with the CMG633B.1B compact oven with microwave function to go in our brand new kitchen. After 25 years with our old oven, the last 12 months not having it working at all, our

Bosch WAW28620AU

Latest review: I wash a lot of blankets. I love washing in machines that clean good with simple controls and cycles. Bosch seems to be the one also the time and loudness means a lot to

Bosch Athlet Zoo'o ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU

Latest review: Purchased this vacuum with all accessories and was initially impressed with the performance. Used on hard floors - wood/tiles but now after charging all night only lasts about 3 minutes. Expected

Bosch Serie 8 Built-in Dishwashers

Latest review: The cutlery tray took a little bit of getting used to but once we worked out how to put the cutlery in - it's great. Being quite was all important and it certainly is. Very

Bosch WAK24162AU

Latest review: Just over 2 year back, I purchased this model of Bosch washing machine from the Harvey Norman Outlet at Watergardens Shopping Centre. Having bought my previous Bosch Washing Machine from the same

Bosch WAT24261AU

Latest review: It washes clean, however, it shrinks the clothing when it's not on a delicate mode. We tried to call Bosch multiple times and we can't get a hold of anyone who we can speak to. They told us that they

Bosch Free'e ProPower BGL3PWERAU

Latest review: This vacuum came with plenty of accessories and works well on all surfaces. The only issue was actually fitting the bags. As with many brands this was tricky. We also have a Meile which is far more

Bosch Serie 6 Built-in Dishwashers

Latest review: This dishwasher is consistently dependable. Its control buttons are hidden which give it a contemporary, sleek look in any kitchen. It offers options for loading depending on the size of your

Bosch Relaxx'x and Zoo'o

Latest review: Well engineered and very powerful. We use it on carpet, tiles and floor boards. The power head attachment is so easy to clean due to the cleaver - easy to remove brush head. Only small criticism is

Bosch Serie 6 HBA63B

Latest review: As far as the oven it's self is concerned it is very good. The only very strong criticism I have is we had used the self cleaning devise twice before with no problem and it did clean the oven

Bosch Serie 6 Automatic Washer Dryer

Latest review: Replaced our trusted Samsung front loader after many years of usage with this Bosch WVH28490AU as this one has a washer dryer combo. No difference in wash quality, but within 11 months we noticed

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