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Colgate Pro Clinical 250R

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersColgate Pro Clinical 250R · includes 2 listings

3.8 from 37 reviews

Latest review: After about 4 months, water gets into the switch and it will not work. Tried to dry and recharge it and get it sometime working. But water will get into the switch very easily, it is going die very

Colgate Total

ToothpastesColgate Total

2.9 from 103 reviews

Marketed as the dental giant’s all-rounder offering Colgate makes a lot of promises about this $8 toothpaste. However, constantly changing formulas make it difficult to assess effectiveness, and the latest formula is proving less than popular.

  • Can provide 12 hour protection

  • New formula is not popular

Colgate Savacol

MouthwashesColgate Savacol

2.8 from 87 reviews

Colgate Savacol is an antiseptic mouth and throat rinse that can help assist with gingivitis that’s been medically diagnosed.

  • Can effectively treat gum problems

  • Can cause brown spots on teeth

  • Can cause burning and stinging

  • Bottle is difficult to open

Colgate Plax

MouthwashesColgate Plax

3.6 from 20 reviews

The alcohol-free formula in Colgate Plax is claimed to give rinsers a healthy, fresh mouth with a cooling sensation, as well as keep plaque and bacteria under control.

Colgate Total Dental Floss

Flossing & Dental Care ProductsColgate Total Dental Floss

3.2 from 16 reviews

The dental-floss pairing made for Colgate Total toothpaste, this product is designed to slide easily between teeth without shredding or tearing.

Colgate Optic White

Toothpastes and Teeth Whitening ProductsColgate Optic White

2.3 from 53 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this toothpaste to brighten my teeth - I have used the product for a few weeks - sadly don’t see any noticeable improvement in the colour of my teeth. I have not experienced any negative s

Colgate Kids Powered

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersColgate Kids Powered · includes 3 listings

2.9 from 18 reviews

Latest review: I bought 2 for my children and both stopped working within 2-3 weeks. complete waste of money and can not swap the heads. Such a shame. Do not waste of

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

ToothpastesColgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

2.0 from 81 reviews

Latest review: Was at my dentist and he said again to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth so I got Colgate. I suddenly was having severe dry mouth at night, all night, every night. So bad that it woke me up at night

Colgate Advanced Whitening

ToothpastesColgate Advanced Whitening

1.9 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Started using his a week ago and each day I have had more ulcers and sore throat. Y tongue looks cracked and painful..Didn’t think it was the toothpaste until my doctor looked at it and said it was b

Colgate NeutraFluor 5000

ToothpastesColgate NeutraFluor 5000

4.3 from 7 reviews

Latest review: In 2002, at 49 years, I had to have my salivary glands removed from one side due to cancer (natural way of fighting tooth cavities). I was advised by my Dental Professor to use Colgate Gelcam 1 x

Colgate Max Fresh

ToothpastesColgate Max Fresh

4.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I've just started using the Colgate MaxFresh and found it very good. I do recommend it as it has a nice flavour and refreshes your mouth at the same time. Only gave it a 4 star rating as I notice

Colgate Neutrafluor 220 Daily Fluoride Rinse

MouthwashesColgate Neutrafluor 220 Daily Fluoride Rinse

4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I should have kept using this but I moved on to a high flouride toothpaste instead - bad move. This helped my teeth tremendously and doesn't taste too strong or bitey like other mouth washes do. I

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal

ToothbrushesColgate Slim Soft Charcoal

3.7 from 6 reviews

Latest review: After the first time I brushed my teeth with this brush, a few bristles came out in my mouth and my gums bleed more than before. I am not sure if that’s a good thing but the shape of the brush helps m

Colgate Cavity Protection

ToothpastesColgate Cavity Protection

3.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Bought a 120 gm tube from a leading supermarket few weeks ago. Very disappointed. Tends to coagulate in the mouth, and slips out of the mouth in lumps. Lots of waste. Have to use twice the normal

Colgate 2 in 1 Whitening

Toothpastes, Teeth Whitening Products and MouthwashesColgate 2 in 1 Whitening

3.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Have used this product twice mainly due to its really strong flavor (I prefer this) but as a whitening product I cannot say it makes any difference. Its not cheap but I liked the container which is

Colgate 360°

ToothbrushesColgate 360°

2.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Always used Colgate soft toothbrush, but realised recently the soft toothbrush feels more like a medium strength! Why change a simple good toothbrush? The charcoal toothbrush is soft but doesn't

Colgate Peroxyl

MouthwashesColgate Peroxyl

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This review is actually about colgate Peroxyl(which l can't find anywhere to review) recommended by a dentist. I got all side effects,including blisters on lips,black and furry tongue(yuk)stinging

Colgate Dry Mouth Relief Mouthwash

MouthwashesColgate Dry Mouth Relief Mouthwash

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Changed the formula, why? The original was fantastic. Only dry relief product on the market with fluoride. Great taste. Worked really well. Now it is the exact opposite. Won't be buying again.