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DeLonghi Silver Compact ECAM23460S

Latest review: From day 1: 1) Extra large and large coffee setting only just under half filled standard cup 2) Major large scratches on stainless steel tray - I was advised seconds/refurbs MAY have small marks or

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage Kettle

Latest review: I purchased the Delonghi matching kettle and toaster as I thought they would look good in my new kitchen, they were expensive and very modern in design - the truth is that they work exactly the same

DeLonghi F28311

Latest review: A must have if you like to cook your own instead of store bought chips, fish, scallops, chicken nuggets. This has a rotating basket and is super easy to clean. I love home made hot chips and this is

DeLonghi DEDW645 Series

Latest review: Very easy to use, surprisingly quiet and great at its job! I can't believe how new and shiny the cutlery, kitchen knives and glassware come out after a cycle. We bought this second hand, and the

DéLonghi Brillante CTJ4003

Latest review: I did promise a year ago to let you know how the third toaster in 18 months had fared. Terrible. Slow from the start, uneven (to the point of burnt one side, frigid the other) and now it has failed

DeLonghi Radia S TRRS1224

Latest review: We bought this for our baby room 5 months ago. You need to use it at least 6 or 7 times in an open area, would be best to do it outside to get rid of the awful thick dusty smelling air. Only heats up

DeLonghi Brillante Kettle

Latest review: Kettle looks great. Plastic water level indicator has broken down even though it’s out of direct sunlight and disintegrated resulting in us getting scalded trying to use it once b

DeLonghi TCH8093ER

Latest review: The heater is amazing. It keeps me and my pets very warm. It heats up my living great. I’m very satisfied with the heater. I’ve used other brands and they all died within a couple weeks. I’ve had this

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage / Icona Elements Toaster

Latest review: I bought this toaster because it's all manual without LED display and seemed solid and well built. Unfortunately it is rubbish at making toast. It doesn't have the power to crisp a crumpet on full

DeLonghi PAC WE120HP

Latest review: Really impressed with the performance of this unit, using it in a 42 square metre lounge room with adjoining dining area and and it has dropped the temperature from uncomfortably hot to very

Delonghi DEDW6015

Latest review: We installed it and got an E1 fault on 1st operation. The instructions tell you it is due to inlet water pressure issue. We discovered by trial & error that it can also be blocked discharge. Apart

Delonghi Radia S TRRS0920T

Latest review: it is the best choice, if you look are looking for heating your room. probably, it takes 15-20 minutes to warm the room. I am very much satisfied with this heater as it satisfies our winter needs.

DeLonghi DCH7092ER

Latest review: I have used 2 heater fans so far, this is my second. The first fan was from unknown brand provided by landlord. It was extremely noisy, but had very strong fan. Contrary, this fan is relatively quiet

DeLonghi PAC WE18INV

Latest review: I enjoyed the unit for the first 12 months despite it being quite loud and using a lot of electricity. BUT, today during a hot day, I noticed I was still very hot in the room and that it was blowing

DeLonghi Distinta Kettle

Latest review: I bought this purely because of the blue colour!! The base is pretty light and feels like poor quality compared to my previous Sunbeam one. It is really noisy and seems to take ages to boil - even

DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25 / DDS 30

Latest review: It worked fine for a month and then it stopped working all together. I rang Delonghi and was referred to my local repairer who were totally rude and very uninterested about looking at the machine.

DéLonghi DETF115

Latest review: 1. Loud 2. So Loud 3. I paid how much for this fan? I refuse to use it. It’s really bad. Possibly only good if you like jet engines. I don’t even know if it does a good job cooling as I ge

DeLonghi Scultura Toaster

Latest review: Purchased this toaster through Noel Leeming. Just over 12 months later the things started arcing and eventually died. Even before this it was pretty poor at its main job - that is to toast a slice

DeLonghi Steel Elite Fan Heater

Latest review: DeLonghi and the P.R.C join forces to bring you this deceptive little number. Priced like a top tier item, performance of a lemon. We got about 30 seconds of operation before an audible crackle and

DeLonghi Scultura Kettle

Latest review: We purchased both the DeLonghi kettle and matching toaster in 2017 (based on looks). The kettle began leaking about 6 months ago. This was an expensive kettle and I would expect a much longer life

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