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Dyson V8

Latest review: I’m new to Dyson - I do enjoy the ease of the Dyson however I do wish it had a longer battery life. It runs out at times when I most need it. Great for emergency and quick use but I will probably h

Dyson Supersonic

Latest review: This is my first time buying a that expensive hair dryer and i love it so much. The hair dryer is less noisy than all the other ones when i try it out in the actual store! The hair dryer is light and

Dyson V6

Latest review: I have emailed, hung on the phone to talk to someone in regards to an issue I have with our V6 slim hand held vacuum. The battery is not keeping charge seems to be a common issue. It is just over a

Dyson V7

Latest review: Paid $399 8 months ago at Harvey norman. Everything goes well. So so in love with the Dyson . A great, lightweight cleaner that is an ideal complement to a larger vacuum. Pros Great cleaning on any

Dyson V11

Latest review: We received the V11 Absolute as part of the ambassador program, and having had 2 earlier revisions of the Dyson stick vacuums - a V4 and V7 Animal Origin, we were looking forward to the

Dyson DC58 Animal

Latest review: I love this little Dyson! It’s perfect for cleaning the car, or giving a quick whip around small spaces. The battery life is excellent and charges quite quickly also. There are a range of n

Dyson Cyclone V10

Latest review: Absolutely useless on hardwood floors. Just pushes tiny objects you're trying to vacuum around. Contacted Dyson, no option for a hardwood head, we'll need to buy the absolute for that. Another

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Latest review: I live in a very small home. I have a son who have chronic lung disease and having cleaner air was important to me. I bought this machine mainly because of the purifier, but also because I don't

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Latest review: Plastic bits are unfortunately easy to break when teenage boys use the vacuum cleaner so now it’s useless-have contacted company about parts via email no response as yet-hope they can replace the p

Dyson DC50

Latest review: I use this on all floors, I have two cats and the spinning brush thing works great picking up hair off couch tops and carpet/wood floors. I feel this vacuum lacks suction power compared to other

Dyson Tower Fan AM07

Latest review: Hi, I’m from Singapore. After months of usage my fan developed some kind of high pitch noise which comes and goes sometimes but it rather disturbing for me to sleep soundly given the noise keep s

Dyson Big Ball Origin

Latest review: Great vacuum, makes vacuuming the house seem like less of a chore. Great suction, no smell and it doesn’t blow dust in the air which means I don’t have to open the windows to air the house. Great for

Dyson Small Ball

Latest review: My last upright Dyson lasted over ten years. Am so disappointed in this one. The suction is so great that it is hard to push on some carpets, I have to use both arms as it feels like pushing a mower

Dyson Hot+Cool AM09

Latest review: We purchased this fan for our children’s bedroom (both under 5) as we perceived the product to be a safer option, given it has no blades. Unfortunately, it also has very little cooling power, even on

Dyson Desk Fan AM06

Latest review: Do not buy these products Especially from their own webpage 1) bought the table fan it broke within 2 hours of normal use 2) after waiting 30 mins on the phone to get through to someone they

Dyson Ball Animal DC65

Latest review: Used on tiles and low pile carpet. Suction was ok on tiles but never reached the pre sale hype for picking up dog hair (Staffy breed - fine short hair). Some parts didn't function periodically even

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

Latest review: Bought late last year, has developed high pitched squeal after 4 months finally tried to return it endless phone queues and no service used my own time to post then when I rang again after a week to

Dyson Pedestal Fan AM08

Latest review: Like others I bought this based on the excellent performance of other Dyson products I own including a vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum and desktop fan. Like others I have found it to be very noisy above

Dyson Airwrap

Latest review: Bought this for my girlfriend at Christmas and she has not stopped using it. She loves the attachments. She really likes the results of the styling and uses it in conjunction with her dyson

Dyson Pure Cool Desk

Latest review: On sale at half RRP I went ahead and purchased. I’m mostly interested in the air purifier and this works very well, noting you do take its performance on faith. It purifies the air in a bedroom very q

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